Some business owners may shy away from letting customers know that they may be dining with ghosts; but not the Brentwood Restaurant and Wine Bistro in Little River.

The Brentwood embraces the fact that it is known as one of the most haunted restaurants in America.

In addition to being an attraction for those hoping to encounter an apparition or two, it is also widely known for its extraordinary food and wine, billing its fare as lowcountry French cuisine.

The restaurant is located in a home that was built around 1910 and was originally located across the current Highway 17 in Little River. It was moved to its current location on Luck Avenue in the 60s or 70s.

The current owners Eric and Kim Masson wanted to head south from New York and decided to purchase the Brentwood and showcase Eric’s culinary expertise. Eric is from France and holds degrees from the internationally known Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris.

The menu features local ingredients with a French fare. The Massons also knew that with such prestigious offerings, they needed to provide top quality wines to go with each meal. Now, the Brentwood even has its own label of wines.

It was after they purchased the Brentwood did Eric and Kim realize that there was more to the old house than meets the eye. Customers and staff started talking about shadows moving through the house, voices coming from rooms that seem to be empty and even ash trays and glasses flying off tables by themselves.

Many ghost hunters have ventured to the Brentwood and many were not disappointed. Several years ago after a ghost hunting convocation during the day that featured some of the most prominent names in the field, phenomena such as stoves lighting and dumb waiters moving on their own made believers out of any skeptics of the restaurant. The Internet is filled with stories and videos about the Brentwood ghosts.

Today, the Brentwood not only offers special dishes but also ghost tours that sell out time and time again. It also has become a special event destination for groups big and small.

Staff member Taylor Mahle said business has been booming since re-opening after the pandemic closures. Many of their special nights require reservations long in advance.

And do the ghosts still wander around the restaurant?

“Oh yes,” Mahle said. “At night we can see orbs flying around on the motion-activated security camera footage.”


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