SOS Fall

Called “the biggest adult party on the East Coast,” the Society of Stranders (SOS) Fall Migration will be held at several locations in North Myrtle Beach.

Tea parties, dance lessons, live music and reunions with old friends will be happening along with of course, shag dancing.

SOS Shag Club president Ron Whisenant says guests come mostly from the East Coast from Pennsylvania to Florida with the majority from the two Carolinas.

There are usually about 1,000 people participating and another 5,000 in the street.

SOS cards, which open the door to the events, including the tea parties, are available at any of the shag clubs which include OD Beach & Golf Resort and Deckerz.

“Become a member and it’ll be the greatest thing you ever did for your social life,” Whisenant said.

The $35 membership card is good for all year, and the SOS president says, “If you attend one event, you’ll never miss one.”

Memberships, costing $35 annually, provide free admission to clubs participating in the annual Spring Fafai, the Fall Migration and the Mid-Winter Break.

The Fall Migration, when the summer tourists leave and the cooler weather guests arrive, is when shaggers far and wide will gather to dance up a storm on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach for Fun Sunday and Fun Monday this year on Sept. 17-18. 

The party will be from 12 noon until 5 p.m. on both days, with the first day being held at the OD Arcade area at First Avenue South and Ocean Boulevard, and the next day Main Street 

The event is not only for those who love to dance to shag music, but the public in general, he said. Dance lesson opportunities will be available during the block party.

“During the SOS event, there are a couple of places that will probably offer shag instruction that charge per lesson,” Whisenant noted. 

The event is free to the public, but SOS holds a raffle that benefits a charity called Caring For Kids. Whisenant said 25% of the proceeds have gone to that organization. A winning raffle ticket could possibly win up to $7,500, according to SOS.

 Block party-goers will enjoy the music of at least three different beach and shag music bands throughout the event.

 “It’s a big production,” Whisenant said.


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