Largest Yardsale

When a gentleman from Georgetown bought 10-year-old Willow’s entire table at South Carolina’s Largest Yard Sale last year, she and her Nana, June Brewbaker, who was selling at a couple tables also, were beyond thrilled.

The grandmother and granddaughter are regulars at the sale, and they come from Chesapeake, Virginia to participate.

The buyer spent $125 on the doo-dads that included jewelry Willow made, doll clothes, and a variety of miscellaneous items. And, he gave the young entrepreneur a $25 tip.

“This teaches her math, customer service, and lots of life skills,” Brewbaker said.

This year’s sale is Sept. 10 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, 2101 N. Oak St., in Myrtle Beach, from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Admission is free, parking is $5 per vehicle and there’s concession-type food such as hot dogs, pizza, soft drinks and coffee.

Rita Harrell, the Certified Event Manager at the convention center, says “This is not your typical garage sale.

“Some vendors work all year to create the things they bring to the sale.”

There’s furniture, clothing, crafts, jewelry, antiques, and with about 1,700 vendors – several with more than one booth – there’s some of just about anything you’d expect to see at a yard sale and more.

“They bring anything from housewares to homemade jams and jellies,” Harrell says, adding there’s one vendor who brings his homemade honey from New York.

“There’s funky stuff too, you never know.”

Lots of grandparents bring their grandchildren to help with their booth as well as to get a feel for the sales experience, much like Willow has done.

About 7,000 people attend the sale, mostly between 8 a.m. and noon.

As Brewbaker and her granddaughter do, buyers and sellers travel from various states, with many coming from Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

“This sale is a tradition in Myrtle Beach and people bring their children and then they bring their grandchildren and they come back year after year,” Harrell says.


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