The Wacky Rabbit

Find a gift for everyone in your life - or a treasure for yourself - at The Wacky Rabbit in Myrtle Beach.

At The Wacky Rabbit, customers are greeted with a warm welcome, the familiarity of “oldies” music – you’ll hear at least a few Elvis songs during your visit – and a piece of owner Paula Joyner’s mother’s personal recipe fudge. “We like to be happy and we want our customers to be happy,” Joyner said.

The music is a staple at the boutique because she added, “I just don’t like to walk into a store that’s too quiet.”

The shop is colorful, fun, ever-changing and always interesting.

At 7702 N. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, the store is open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The website is and its Facebook page is phone number is 843-497-0717.

The Wacky Rabbit is one of 1,800 stores across the country where Monica Smith sells her Raven’s Nest Specialties, which are gourmet food and gift items.

Whether it’s the raspberry jalapeno jam, the mulling spice, the gift package of a spoon with a mini teapot on it complete with an assortment of teas, or the myriad goodies in between, Raven’s Nest choices will tempt any palate.

The Gurgle Pot, which actually gurgles when liquid is poured from it, comes in three sizes, a rainbow of 30 colors, and even include salts and peppers.

Gurgle Pot owner Matt Ellison got the idea for the unique pitcher at his brother’s wedding in France.

The host spoke no English, and Ellison spoke no French. But when a similar antique fish-based pitcher was brought out, “that bit of whimsy united the dinner table,” he said.

When he got home, he wanted to sculpt his own version, and the Gurgle Pot was created.

The Wacky Rabbit celebrated 29 years in business in May, and Joyner said while the merchandise is delightful, customer service is what the store specializes in.

“A lot of stores offer a lot of things, and some of it is similar to what we offer,” she said. “But we feel people come back to shop with us because of our relationships which we’ve built over the years. Customer service is our focus.”

Porcelain Pampa Bay serving dishes, trimmed in titanium, are gorgeous as well as functional.

“And you can put them in the dishwasher,” Joyner said.

Chirpy Top wine bottle stoppers actually chirp when the wine is poured.

Wooden, magnetic Name Train letters fit together to teach little ones how to spell their names.

Lamp finials, tide clocks, soap pads made from corn and soybean candles in ceramic “to keep” containers are surprises tucked into The Wacky Rabbit.

That is, of course, along with fabric hydrangea you have to touch as you pass, several lines of local pottery, jewelry, indoor-outdoor rugs and even greeting cards.

The “nora fleming” collection of ceramic minis slip onto serving dishes for every occasion from a hot dog and hamburger picnic to Thanksgiving dinner.

Janice Christensen, director of brand strategy at the Illinois-based company, said, “It makes a really great gift because once you purchase the base pieces, you can always update the gift.”

Christensen said The Wacky Rabbit is the perfect place for the nora fleming collection to be sold because customers can see how the unique minis can be changed out and updated.

“We release new minis each season so you can always personalize the gift,” she said about the fun collectible.

Smith said “Mom and Pop” shops such as The Wacky Rabbit are “the bread and butter” of her business.

She added that people like herself, her mother who started Raven’s Nest, and Joyner “have continued the legacy of a business having that personal touch.”

Stopping in at The Wacky Rabbit is a gift you can give yourself – and what’s not to love about Elvis and homemade fudge?


I'm the assistant editor of the Carolina Forest Chronicle. I write news and business features. Have a great story idea? Please call me at 843-602-9306.

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