Tupelo Bay Golf Center

There are many ways to play at Tupelo Bay Golf Center, including disc golf, foot golf, mini golf, a driving range, an 18-hole course and a Par 3 course. The facility is open year-round, offering lighted play as well.

Tupelo Bay Golf Center is the ideal place for any golfer or would be golfer. It’s a complete facility featuring an Executive Course where you will “use every club in the bag but only three hours of your time.”

This 18-hole course can be played in three hours or less, explained marketing director Vince Cronkey, who said, “You can use all your clubs, if you want to.” That course is challenging to the experienced golfer, but not intimidating to a beginner.

The award-winning driving range offers a complete practice space. With a huge grass hitting area plus covered mats as well as a sandtrap and large practice putting green, Tupelo Bay is a superior game improvement facility.

For a more relaxed experience, Tupelo also has the area’s ONLY Par 3 course where the longest hole is 105 yards. The nine holes offer sand and water challenges and are lighted for night time play.

Disc (frisbee) golf is enjoyed by all ages looking for pure fun. Tossing a disc into “catchers” on each hole brings on many smiles. Players can bring their own discs or rent them. Devoted fans even show up in December for a regional disc golf tournament hosted by Tupelo.

Tupelo is unique in the area with their foot golf course, “where golf meets soccer,” Cronkey said. The rules are the same as regular ball golf, but it’s played with standard #5 soccer balls and 21-inch cups to kick or putt, the ball into. Each kick counts as a stroke, so competition is the same as ball golf. Again, bring your own ball or rent one.

New this year at Tupelo Bay are the Quick Fix Golf PGA instructors. These professionals coach all age and all skill level golfers. Golfers can have one lesson or sign up for a membership. “There’s something that fits everyone,” Cronkey said, adding, “Experienced or beginner.”

Tupelo Bay offers golf under the lights on everything except nine of the executive course 18 holes. “We’re ready when you are,” Cronkey said. “We open at 7 o’clock in the morning and in season, we’re open till 11 at night.”

Don’t forget miniature golf. The Runaway Bay mini-golf 36-hole course of Jamaican-themed putt-putt has waterfalls, caves, and other challenges kids - and the adults - like to enjoy. “And, don’t forget the hand-dipped Hershey’s ice cream and rockers on the deck that everyone loves.”

Tupelo Bay Golf fits the area’s three golfing seasons. The peak vacation season is from May to September when school is out. Early play or night golf can offer a cooler golf experience.

The second season is the golf package season when groups of golfers come for a golf vacation. Tupelo can be used as a “play us early, play us late” model when coming to play the areas amazing “trophy” courses. Cronkey said, “Package golfers don’t travel to the Grand Strand to play at Tupelo, but they practice here before and after they pay up to $150 at the other courses.

The third season starts in November and goes through March and is called “the snowbird season.” Golfers young and old come south to get out of the cold and enjoy all this area has to offer.

“If you look at range of products at Tupelo Bay, you will find something for everyone, whether you’re young in years or just young at heart, Cronkey said. “This is the perfect location with a complete set of golf products and the most congenial and welcoming staff on the beach. We are available when you are”.

Tupelo Bay Golf Center is at 1800 U.S. Business South in Garden City.

The phone number is 843-215-7888, and the website is tupelobay.com, where you can book online tee times for the Executive Course.


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