AP Beach Boutique

Ana Paula Wegrzynowicz’s AP Beach Boutique offers one-of-a-kind Brazilian swimwear, handmade jewelry and unique accessories. Shopping is by appointment only. 

When you buy something from AP Beach Boutique, there’s no chance you’ll see the same thing on another woman.

Imported from literally hundreds of Brazilian factories, the items are one-of-a-kind.

And if you’re not quite sure how to get a fabulous look, owner Ana Paula Wegrzynowicz will help you choose and coordinate amazing clothes and accessories for your figure and your lifestyle.

Bathing suits and beach coverups, fitness wear, evening wear and even some more casual daytime fashions are her specialty.

But colorful Brazilian unique, handmade jewelry and purses that have to be felt to be appreciated are also available.

And, if a particular color or style is needed to match an outfit, AP Beach Boutique will have the article custom-made in Brazil.

Because of the exclusive nature of the merchandise Wegrzynowicz sells, most pieces are signed by the designer.

The Isabela Ferreira line even includes a Scripture verse on its tags.

One of the things Wegrzynowicz has insisted of on is that her swimsuits are the European, more modest style, as opposed to a more daring Brazilian look.

Along with selling retail, AP Beach Boutique also sells wholesale at shows, but to no other South Carolina businesses.

She does have clients as far away as Dubai, Russia and Spain.

Because of the owner’s personal attention to each client, her business, at 315 Main St. in Conway is by appointment only.

The phone number is 1-910-338-6715 and the website is www.apbeachboputique.net.

AP Beach Boutique, which was established in Sunset Beach, North Carolina for five years, opened downtown Conway in March.

But, because of COVID-19, it also closed in March and is finally open again in a wonderful second-floor location that’s as interesting as the merchandise.

The brick walls, wooden floor and huge windows facing Main Street give the business a rustic yet elegance ambiance that makes a visit a pleasure.

Wegrzynowicz’s husband James is in the Army, stationed at Fort Bragg, and the family, who lives in Conway and attends The Rock Church, includes one daughter.

Wegrzynowicz grew up in Brazil where her grandmother, who had 11 children, taught Wegrzynowicz’s mother to sew. In turn, Wegrzynowicz’ mother who owned factories where she created clothing, taught her daughter merchandising, design and business.

With a background in technology, Wegrzynowicz didn’t plan a career in fashion because she’d been raised in it and wanted something different.

“But,” she said with a smile, “It’s my calling.”

Anxious to give back, Wegrzynowicz is a mentor with SCORE, helping other entrepeneurs establish their own businesses.

Twenty years ago, Wegrzynowicz came to the United States to learn English because even then, she wanted a business that would serve the international community. Five years ago, she came back to attend a merchandising show in Florida and visit a friend in Myrtle Beach. That’s when she met her husband and, as they say, the rest is happily ever after.

The businesswoman not only carries unique fashion and consults with her clients about their unique look, she also delivers.

That personal attention to every client is what she calls “the Brazilian culture."

“I love taking things to them because they can try them on in the comfort of their own home,” she said.

Wegrzynowicz’ dream of selling upscale fashions internationally has become a reality. And women looking for classic, high-quality apparel can have their dream can come true also, thanks to AP Beach Boutique.


I'm the assistant editor of the Carolina Forest Chronicle. I write news and business features. Have a great story idea? Please call me at 843-602-9306.

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