School should have notified law enforcement to have them come in and investigate had they done this they might not be facing a lawsuit today.

I hope the County Council will vote no the residents at the farm do not want the hospital in their backyard, this area is too congested now as a matter of fact construction in Carolina forest needs to be put on hold as there is not enough infrastructure to handle all the traffic now, it's…

Angie Jones has done nothing wrong she had a right to go to Washington as a matter of fact she was on her own time, she is a great treasurer and I stand behind her 100%

I hope the County Council will vote against the hospital plan we have enough traffic problems out here now and it's not fair to the people who live at the farm to have this hospital dumped in their back yard.

Congratulations the city has done the right thing

If the sale goes through then the county should give the airport to the city and let them deal with it

They should give the job to Fox Simmons the current deputy city manager as he knows all of the inner workings here in myrtle beach and it's always a good idea to promote from within like they did with the current police chief it gives employees something to work for.

trocarman1 commented on Checkpoints are back

Great job by Law Enforcement glad the checkpoints are back.

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Good job by the Police glad to see the check points back in operation

The way I see it if Myrtle Beach city leaders don't want to share the money with the county for the airport which benefits the city by bringing people into Myrtle Beach city limits which benefits them more than the people who live outside the city then don't worry about it when the money …