John and Gigi in Statesville

Hearing a gun report DOES NOT constitute reckless shooting. When you can show me a bullet hole in a house AND prove when and where it came from and proof of who fired the shot, then you have a case.

Until then, all you have is a nervous woman who just doesn't like noise and She is r…

“People are not going to be able to fire off light anti-tank weapons in their shooting range,” Is the most ridiculously FALSE statement, anyone has made yet about this contrived situation. Firing off anti-tank weapons simply has not happened and cannot happen. It is just an over exaggerat…

Life is full of choices. When you choose to live in a hurricane-prone area, you just have to deal with hurricanes. If you can't deal with them, there are places where you never have to deal with them. You have to accept the bad as well as the good. Thats just the way it is.

John and Gigi in Statesville commented on Metal powder producer establishing headquarters in Horry County

Fantastic! This is great news for the community!

Well, Let's defund the Police and then exercise our second amendment right. We can longer tolerate "Police Brutality" but we can exercise our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Just as I am now exercising my right to freedom of speach.

John and Gigi in Statesville commented on Longs man killed in crash on SC 905

Really? A Harley with a seat belt? That's something I would like to see. If it is true, and I am sure it is not, it's no wonder Harley Davidson went out of business.

I live in North Carolina and I think that is an OUTSTANDING idea. Use all technology that is available to keep criminals from entering SC from NC. Criminals use technology to commit crimes and the police should use all available technology to thwart the criminals. I am retired from the Nort…

John and Gigi in Statesville commented on NAACP sues Myrtle Beach

I made the mistake of bringing my wife and daughter to Myrtle Beach one Memorial day weekend, not realizing it was Black Bike Week. What the black people do in Myrtle Beach on that holiday weekend is nothing short of shameful. They want equal rights (which they already have) but they will no…

Well Done, Myrtle Beach Police!!! This guy should be in the homeless shelter. He has been disrupting McDonalds patrons all winter. Escort him to the city limits and let him go find a job. He brought no joy to our vacation.

Well Done,! Myrtle Beach Police!!! Beggars belong in the shelter and not out disrupting our vacation. This guy has been disrupting and badgering patrons all winter. I say escort him to the city limits and let him go find a job.