LMS archery team

Team members are as follow: First row: Dee'on Bellamy, Jacob Norris, John Mark Harris, Amber Suggs, Luke Cox and Toni Bell. Second row: Landon Gerrald, Sydnee Rose, Ashlee Rinda, Kasey Gerrald, Tucker Graham, Tristen Gasque, Andrew Buffkin, Brandon Long. Last row: Toni Cox, Angel Boyd, Logan Newton, Kellar Powers, Keith Tedder, Mary Grace Dunn, Jackson Graham, Coach Darrell Graham. Not pictured: River Fowler, Courtney Galloway, Bryson Smith, Miranda Taylor, Bre'Anna Wright, Gunnar Fowler, Jeremiah Kurtz.

Three years ago, Loris Middle School formed their first archery team. This year there are six original mem- bers left on this team. These members set a goal that before they left middle school they would make it to the Nationals. That dream became a reality last week as they received the news that they will be head- ed to Louisville, Ky., for the National competition.

These founding members are: Toni Bell, Angel Boyd, Kasey Gerrald, Jeremiah Kurtz, Kellar Powers, and Amber Suggs.

It all started this year with regional competition on Feb. 24 where they scored the highest score they have had yet, and bringing home fourth place. This is when Coach Darrell Graham received notice that they were headed to state com- petition in Sumter.

At state competition, the 2016-2017 team won the Sportsmanship Award. The team who wins this award has to be nominated beforehand. During the day of competition, Department of Natural Resources Officers watch the teams that have been nominated, and picked a winner. It included showing sportsmanship to other teams as well as fans, show- ing good character through- out the day, going the extra mile and making sure to be all around good sports.

We have 28 archers on the team. There are 13 sixth graders: Andrew Buffkin, Mary Grace Dunn, River Fowler, Courtney Galloway, Tristen Gasque, Landon Gerrald, Jackson Graham, Tucker Graham, Jacob Norris, Ashlee Rinda, Bryson Smith, Miranda Taylor, and Bre’Anna Wright. There are five sev- enth graders: Dee’on Bellamy, Toni Cox, Gunnar Fowler, John Mark Harris, and Brandon Long. There are 10 eighth graders: Toni Bell, Angel Boyd, Luke Cox, Kasey Gerrald, Jeremiah Kurtz, Logan Newton, Kellar Powers, Sydnee Rose, Amber Suggs, and Keith Tedder.

Everyone has worked hard this year to reach their goal. They had to qualify at a regional meet in Myrtle Beach to qualify for state. Then at the state competi- tion in Sumter the team had to qualify high enough to go to Nationals. These students have worked hard

to improve their scores through practicing and at each tournament their score has improved.

In getting ready to travel to the National competition therehasgottobealotof money raised to make this dream a reality. There are fundraisers being held to make this happen. There is agofundmepagesetupif anyone would like to donate monetary funds at http://www.gofundme.com /loris-middle-archery- team. There are two raffles being held. For more infor- mation contact Melissa Todd at Anderson Brothers Bank. She has currently set up a 50/50 raffle to help support this team.

Also, Loris Middle School has had many items donat-

ed for a raffle. Those items include a gas grill donated by Ford’s Fuel and Propane, $100 gas card, $100 gift card to Carrabbas, North Myrtle Beach, Custom Frame Print donated by Vicky Watts, 30 Piece Socket Set donated by Napa Auto Parts, Mani/Pedi donated by Christine Bullard – His & Hers in Conway, Flowers donated by Grahams Brothers, and Makeup Sampler donated by Merle Norman Cosmetics just to name a few. If interested in pur- chasing tickets for this raffle or giving a donation you can contact Loris Middle School at 843-756-2181.

Congratulations and good luck to Coach Darrell Graham and the Loris Middle School Archery!


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