Loris Parks and Recreation

Coach Matt Scabery and assistant director Joshua Singleton look on as the first game is in progress.

This past Saturday, the City of Loris Parks and Recreation Department Basketball season began with opening day.

It was pushed back a week because of the inclement weather. This is the first time in three years that the recreation department has offered basketball to the Loris area.

The youth were eager to get started and excitement could be seen in everyone’s eyes as play began. There were games around the clock from 9 a.m. to well after lunch.

Joshua Singleton, assistant director of the City of Loris Parks and Recreation, said the culmination of all this past Saturday’s activities is what he looks forward to most.

They were able to create three teams in the 7-8-year-old category. Coaches for these teams are Michael Marksberry, Matt Scabery, Rabon Small and Gary Buley.

There are four teams in the 9-10-year-old and coaches are Carlos Bellamy, Jeffrey Bellamy, Travis Johnson, and Baron McCray.

There are two teams for the 11-12-year-old and their coaches are Julius Graham and Meredith Lay.

Also, the City of Loris Parks and Recreation received a $25,000 Parks, Recreation and Development Funds grant. This grant came from the State of South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Singleton said the grant will be used for safety issues at the playground located at the park as well as drainage and other safety concerns. Also, hopefully soon, better lighting at the playground will be added.

It has been many years since any improvements have been made to the playground. With the population of our area growing every day, the grant will be used to bring about upgrades and tackle safety concerns that may arise at the playground.

Come out and watch some of the future Loris athletics and show your support for all involved.


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