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The 2016 Grand Strand Tennis League Spring season is nearing midseason and battle cries can be heard from club to club along the Grand Strand. Since Feb. 1, three different divisions made up of over 1,045 players have been striving to make the state playoffs before all three leagues officially end by May 11.

Listed below are the three USTA divisions, their team standings and captains:

— 18 & Over has 470 players on 36 teams

• Adult 2.5 Women: The Dunes Tennis Club with captain Jeanne Bennett and Stables Park with captain Melanie Leonard have not played.

• Adult 3.0 Men: The Dunes Tennis Club with captain Christopher Garrett Boullion and the Grande Dunes Tennis Club with captain Terry Walden have not played.

• Adult 3.0 Women: Riverfront Tennis Club (3-0) with captain Angela Johnson; Grande Dunes (3-0) with captain Laurie Denny; Dunes Tennis Club (1-2) with captain Susan Sparks; Prestwick Tennis Club (1-2) with captain Nicole Mattingly; Stables Park Strings (1-2) with captain Bonnie Bayley and Stables Park Angels (0-3) with captain Danelle Renee Greer.   

• Adult 3.5 Men: Dunes (3-1) with captain Brian Piercy; Stables Park (3-0) with captain Bruce Reed Gallup; Grande Dunes (1-1) with captain Terry Walden; Riverfront (1-2) with captain Cheevin Lex Gardner and Prestwick (0-4) with captain Daniel James Fedele.

• Adult 3.5 Women: Stables Park Chicks (1-0) with captain Linda Lane; Prestwick (1-1) with captain Shital Patel; Riverfront (0-1) with captain Ashley Gwin; Dunes (0-0) with captain Wendy McCauley and Stables Park Run (0-0) with captain Valerie Hawkins.

• Adult 4.0 Men: Dunes (3-0) with captain Steve Starnes; Prestwick (2-2) with captain Darren Stack; Riverfront (2-1) with captain Eddie Bushong; Grande Dunes (1-2) with captain Gary Bullock and Stables Park (0-3) with captain Tim McCoy.

• Adult 4.0 Women: Stables Park Play (1-1) with captain Caitlin Negethon; Riverfront (1-0) with captain Rene Smith; Grande Dunes (0-0) with captain Karen Swartling; Dunes (0-0) with captain Kristin Boullion and Stables Park Point (0-1) with captain Wendy Mercado.

• Adult 4.5 Men: Prestwick Strand (1-0) with captain Chris Collins and Prestwick-Florence (0-1) with captain Larry Rizzo.

• Adult 4.5 Women: Stables Park (1-0) with captain Amanda Gallup and Florence Tennis Center (0-1) with captain Kim Osborne.

• Adult 5.0+ Men: Grand Strand (Independent) with captain Will Bull.   

—40 & Over league has 304 players on 21 teams

• Adult 3.0 Women: Dunes (2-0) with captain Denise Apple; Grande Dunes (1-0) with captain Teri Arrington and the City of MBTC (0-3) with captain Linda Rock.

• Adult 3.5 Women: Riverfront (3-0) with captain Mary Stokes; Dunes Girls (2-2) with captain Donna Digeronimo; Grande Dunes (2-1) with captain Lou Preston; Stables Park Swingers (2-0) with captain Laurie Porter; Prestwick Strings (1-3) with captain Gwen Murry; Wachesaw Plantation Club (1-2) with captain Janet Hunter and Stables Park Spring (0-3) with captain Lisa Gabay.

• Adult 4.0 Men: Grande Dunes (3-0) with captain Reggie Caulfield; Riverfront (1-3) with captain Lance Dent and Stables Park (1-2) with captain Tim McCoy.

• Adult 4.0 Women: Stables Park (3-0) with captain Holly Cox; Dunes (1-1) with captain Linda Smith;      Grande Dunes (0-2) with captain Cyndi Moran and Riverfront (0-1) with captain Joanne Comb.

• Adult 4.5+ Men: Stables Park Sharks (2-0) with captain Greg Bender and Dunes/Grande Dunes (0-2) with captain Doug Warstler.

• Adult 4.5+ Women: Prestwick-Grand Strand (2-0) with captain Tonya Barr and Florence Tennis Center  (0-2) with captain Gayle Hughes.

 —55 & Over league has 271 players on 23 teams   

• Adult 3.0 Women: Grande Dunes (3-0) with captain Teri Arrington; Wachesaw (2-1) with captain Cherie Gerstmyer; Stables Park (1-2) with Judy Price and Ocean Creek Tennis Center (0-3) with captain Elizabeth Cole.

• Adult 3.5 Men: DeBordieu/Litchfield (4-0) with captain Ed Boettcher; Riverfront (2-2) with captain Ralph Horning; Grande Dunes (2-2) with captain Conrad Hetzer and Ocean Creek (0-4) with captain Richard Jones.   

• Adult 3.5 Women: Riverfront (3-1) with captain Beth Smith; Conway Riverfront (2-2) with captain Lana Hudson: Litchfield (2-1) with captain Jackie Hallock; Grande Dunes (2-1) with captain Donna Edwards;  Wachesaw (2-1) with captain Celia Shaw; Stables Park (1-2) with captain Linda Howard and Prestwick  (0-4) with captain Linda Bianca.

• Adult 4.0 Men: Grande Dunes (3-0) with captain Roger Caulfield; Riverfront (2-2) with captain Sonny Phillips and Litchfield (0-3) with captain Doug Costin.

• Adult 4.0 Women: Riverfront (2-2) with captain Jeri Lindsey; Grande Dunes (2-1) with captain Rita Gray and Litchfield (1-2) with captain Ann Martin.     

• Adult 9.0 Men Combined: Wachesaw with captain Mike Mitchell.

• Adult 9.0 Women Combined: Riverfront Grand Strand with captain Cynthia Huggins.

Icy Hot Georgia

The Icy Hot USTA Southern Level 2 Championships BG 16 & 18 was completed Feb. 26-29 at the Hudlow Tennis Center in Norcross, Ga. This Level 2 sanctioned event had 256 players including two from the Grand Strand.

Their results were:

— Jeffrey Dayton lost 6-3, 6-4 in the first round to a player from Alpharetta, Ga., in the Boy’s 18 Singles. In the consolation, Dayton was awarded a win in the first round when his opponent withdrew from the draw. Next, he won 6-2, 6-1 over a player from Roswell, Ga., and then lost 3-6, 6-3, (10-7) to a player from Johns Creek, Ga., in the Round 3 Qualifiers.    

In the Boy’s 18 Doubles, Jeffrey Dayton and his Sumter partner lost 8-6 to a team from Alpharetta/ Cumming, Ga.

— Tatiana Harrelson lost 6-4, 6-3 in the first round to the No. 5 seed from Calhoun, Ga., in the Girl’s 16 Singles. In the consolation, Harrelson lost 4-6, 6-4, (10-6) to a player from Alpharetta.

In the Girl’s 16 Doubles, Tatiana Harrelson and her Mount Pleasant partner lost 8-3 to a team from Atlanta/Alpharetta.  

Wheeling wins consolation

The Club at Rawls Creek Spring Adult Championship was completed Feb. 26-28 at The Club at Rawls Creek in Columbia. This Level 3 sanctioned event had 158 total players including one from the Grand Strand.

His results were: 

— No. 1 seed Gregory Wheeling lost his first match 6-2, 7-6 to a Lexington player in the Men’s 4.0 Singles. In the consolation, Wheeling was awarded a first-round win when his opponent did not show and then he won the finals 6-2, 6-0 over a player from Columbia.  

In the Men’s 55 Singles, Wheeling finished second in the round-robin with three players when he defeated a Columbia player 6-4, 6-2 but then lost 6-0, 6-1 to a player from Richmond, Va.   

Prestwick news

The Prestwick Tennis Club will have a meet and mingle with your fellow Prestwick members on Sunday, March 6 from 4 - 6 p.m. There will also be an afternoon round-robin tennis social with light snacks provided. This is a BYOB event.

Beat the Pro Challenge: For one hour you can play pro Thomas Rizk for $55 and for every game you win you get $5 back. Players really need to take advantage of this offer and if nothing else, you will get a great workout. 

For more information, check out their website or call the new Prestwick Tennis Club number 843-831-0117. 

Local upcoming


— Litchfield’s McKissick

• The A. Foster McKissick Tennis Tournament will be held March 10-13 at the Litchfield Racquet Club in Pawleys Island. This Level 2 sanctioned tournament will offer singles, doubles and mixed events. Entry fee is $43.50 for first event and $18 for additional events. Deadline was March 3.

For more information, check out their Tournament ID: 704103516 or call 843-237-3983.

— Stables Park Classic

The Mercom Junior Classic at Stables Park will be held March 18-20at the WRTC at Stables Park in Pawleys Island. This Level 3 sanctioned tournament offers singles and doubles for all juniors up to 18 years old. Entry fee is $43.50 for one event and $46 for two events. Deadline is March 13.

For more information, check out their Tournament ID: 700030216 or call 843-545-3450.  

Neal Peterson, a former college tennis player, has been writing about the local tennis scene for more than a decade. He can be reached at 650-5505 or email


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