A professional fastpitch softball league is looking to make a hit in the Myrtle Beach Market as a pair of softball games will be played July 28 and 29 at Field.

Next week, history will take, place at Field in Myrtle Beach.

The home of the Pelicans will host a pair of softball games, taking place next week on July 28 and 29.

Out of National Pro Fastpitch (NPF), the Scrapyard Dawgs and Pennsylvania Rebellion will do battle on the same field that has seen countless Major League professionals plant their roots, marking the first time that professional softball will be played in Myrtle Beach.

NPF is a dynamic and on-the-move organization that places an emphasis on not only putting quality softball play on the field, but ensuring that softball players and fans across the country begin to see recognition on a larger scale for a quickly emerging sport.

Commissioner Cheri Kempf says the goal for NPF has always been, and will continue to be spotlighting the excellence and extraordinary talent of the women taking the field.

She says the Myrtle Beach area will see first-hand just what NPF is trying to do.

“Myrtle Beach is a new market for us. It’s always exciting to go into a new market and see how they respond,” she said, adding that the partnership’s practicality is easy to see from both sides.

“From an area standpoint, to offer female role models… to provide that for your community is the right thing to do.”

As Commissioner Kempf spoke about the Myrtle Beach market, Pelicans Senior Director of Marketing Kristin Call also noted the importance of the team branching out and collaborating with a unique product.

Call has been working for several years, she says, to intertwine NPF softball with this elite level of minor league baseball.

Now, in addition to the two games next week, NPF will be hosting a camp on Thursday in which 100 campers will be able to learn from members of both the Dawgs and Rebellion.

“There are a lot of folks that have the opportunity to see professional baseball, basketball… professional softball isn’t as readily available,” Call said. “These girls are great role models and can come in here and teach some young kids… bringing in a professional female sport is a really great thing and something we’re really excited to do.”

While next week’s games will not be televised, NPF is now beginning to expand their abilities to nationally televise games. Their game streaming service, NPF TV, is available for every game — however, they have partnered with the CBS Sports Network to provide 22 live games this season to televisions in homes across the country.

Kempf says “building a home” at CBS Sports has been instrumental in their growth; they hope to continue to help boost softball ratings, which according to the commissioner, continuously beat college baseball.

For more information on purchasing tickets to this two-day event, visit For a full schedule of NPF softball games, visit

Both games next week start at 7:05 p.m.


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