LHS tennis

Charlotte Eaddy serving during her match against Aynors’ Rilee Rabon.

The Loris Lions girls’ tennis matched up with Aynor in Loris this past Thursday. It has been a rough start for Loris girls’ tennis team with having a new coach this year and then Horry County Schools being out for three weeks.

The Lions lost to Aynor but Coach Sarvis stated that the girls played hard and will be facing Aynor again in the coming weeks.

Scores for the singles were: Charlotte Eaddy, Loris, loss to Rilee Rabon, Aynor, (3-6) (1-6); Brantlee Gerald, Loris, loss to Laura Ellis, Aynor, (1-6) (0-6); Toni Bell, Loris, loss to Macie Adams, Aynor, (4-6) (2-6); Anna Anderson, Loris, loss to Rynn Bethea, Aynor, (4-6 ) (4-6 ); Raina Gerald, Loris, loss to Maggie Edge, Aynor, (2-6 ) (1-6 ).

Score for the doubles were as follows: number one doubles: Charlotte Eaddy and Brantlee Gerald, Loris, loss to Rilee Rabon and Laura Ellis (0-8); number two doubles were Kenley Jackson and Aubrey Anderson losing to Aynor (4-8). In the exhibition match, Loris’ Carrie Jordan beat Cate Hamilton (8-0). Carrie is currently a student at Loris Middle School.

With Loris’ coach being new this year he was asked what his plans were to improve the girls’ skills this year coming off last year’s wins and losses? Coach Sarvis said, “there are 11 girls on the team and only three of which are seniors. There are a number of new players on the team including a few still in middle school.”

“It takes practice and patience. Patience is key to improving their game in tennis,” he said.

He said some of the older players have tried to help players by giving them some tips and advice as they play their challenge matches during practice.

“The team is really good with getting along with one another and I really enjoy working with them. They play a number of games at the end of most of their practices as well to help them improve their skills and help lighten up after a long practice,” Sarvis said.

Coach Tanner Sarvis is a graduate from Green Sea Floyds High School where he began playing tennis when he was in the seventh grade and played until his senior year. He said he did not get to play a single game during his first year other than exhibition matches, if a team had enough players.

“I try to make sure our younger members get to play exhibition matches as well if other teams have enough players,” he said.

He is trying to instill in them that it is about thinking long-term with tennis. He looks forward to seeing what the rest of the season has instore for the Lady Lions’ tennis team.

The Lady Lions tennis team traveled to Marion Tuesday, and Cheraw Wednesday.

They will host the Green Sea Floyds Trojans Thursday.

The following week the Lions will host Marion and Cheraw on Tuesday, Oct. 16 and Thursday, Oct. 18. Go Lions!


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