Toni Bell

On Tuesday of this past week, the Loris Lions girls’ tennis team traveled to Cheraw for a matchup with the Lady Braves.

There were some pretty good matches between the two teams with three tie-breakers having to be broken. The scores were: Charlotte Eaddy lost to Callie Bryant, (1-6), (1-6); Brantlee Gerald beat Charlotte Hurst (1-6), (6-4). Gerald won with a victory in her tiebreaker for the match, (10-5). Toni Bell lost to Emily Arnold, (4-6), (4-6); Anna Anderson beat Emily Beck. There first set was decided by a tiebreaker with Anna winning (11-9). Anna lost the second set (2-6), however, she won the tiebreaker for the match, (10-8). Raina Gerald beat Alayna Carabo (3-6) (6-1) and won a victory in her tiebreaker for the match (10-3).

Number 1 double Charlotte Eaddy and Brantlee Gerald beat Callie Bryant and Charlotte Hurst, (6-3) (6-3). Number two doubles Kenley Jackson and Kelly Chestnut outscored Shemiah Short and Connor Scott (6-0) (6-4).

Coach Tanner Sarvis said this was a very good match and he was extremely proud of all the girls with their performance against the Cheraw Braves.

Loris Lions Girls Tennis match had two more matchups against Marion and Cheraw. Those scores were not available at time of print.


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