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The light show in North Myrtle Beach as they defeat South Florence 35-7 Friday night. Photo by Janet Morgan/janet.morgan@myhorrynews.com

Matt Reel and the rest of the North Myrtle Beach football staff sat on the knowledge of their new high-tech lighting system all summer. Then, they waited a few more weeks while the season was delayed.

On Friday night, they finally got to see it put to use for the pregame introductions.

And then again after their first touchdown.

And again after a second.

And again and again and again.

You get the picture. 

The Chiefs routed South Florence 35-7, providing plenty of opportunities for those new LEDs to do their thing.

“If we had come out here and laid a goose egg, I would have gotten fired,” Reel joked after the game. “It would have been real easy to [recruit] the next guy.”

Reel — who has won 74% of his games in three-plus seasons in Little River — could rest easy with his job status after his team made quick work of the Bruins. The Chiefs’ defense stuffed South Florence throughout the game and the offensive line provided the types of holes that allowed Nyliek Livingston to record his second 100-yard game of the season. 

Livingston had 114 yards and two touchdowns on the ground by halftime and finished with 189.

He was very much the recipient of a Chiefs offensive line that was creating ample space. On nearly all of Livingston’s first-half carries, he wasn’t touched for the first time until he was three yards across the line of scrimmage.

North Myrtle Beach led 28-0 at the break.

“Last week they did an excellent job and I got 103 yards. [Against South Florence] they did an excellent job,” Livingston said of his offensive line. “They take pride in their job.”

They didn’t waste any time getting into it, either, after the defense forced a turnover on the Bruins’ first possession of the game. Livingston took a handoff and basically walked it in from five yards out one play later. Livingston wasn’t done, but neither was the defense. 

South Florence failed to record a single first down before halftime and had fewer than 10 yards of total offense at that time. It didn’t start moving the ball until the fourth quarter and didn’t get into the end zone until the fourth.

“For me, being an offensive guy seeing that, I can be aggressive if I want to,” Reel said. “I can also be conservative and run the football — take care of the football knowing how they’re going to play. It takes the pressure completely off me. You can call whatever you want to.”

Reel definitely stayed more on the conservative side of his play sheet Friday. The Chiefs attempted just nine passes in the game, and three of those came in succession from backup Will Murray in the second half. 

Livingston and the experienced offensive line did the rest.

And kept the light show popping.

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