Darius Lewis Socastee Braves

Darius Lewis lead the Socastee Braves in prayer after their 14-13 win over the Georgetown Bulldogs. Photo by Christian Boschult 

Marty Jacobs was more than willing to take over the Socastee football program at the end of April.

And while he wants his interim tag removed, he is under the impression that he’ll be applying for it like everyone else when the position is opened for all candidates in the coming weeks.

“I was told that whether I was 10-0 or 0-10 that the job would be posted at the end of the season,” said Jacobs, who had worked in the athletics department in a number of capacities prior to becoming the school’s football coach. “That’s what I was told when I accepted the job. We haven’t discussed it [further].”

In this case, “We” includes Socastee Principal Jeremy Rich and Athletics Director Tim Renfrow.

When contacted by MyHorryNews.com on Monday, Renfrow responded via email that he would discuss the situation after the season.

That will come Friday evening.

The Braves are 1-7 overall heading into this week’s regular-season finale against St. James. Even if Socastee won the game and finished fifth in Region VI-5A, it lacks enough credit in the system used to find an at-large team for the playoffs.

It will be the team’s fifth consecutive losing season following three straight winning campaigns. The Braves were 1-7 in last year’s flood-shortened season under Doug Illing, who was hired prior to the 2013 season. Socastee was 30-36 in his tenure, with 12 of those victories coming that first season with Hunter Renfrow behind center and another seven wins the following season with much of the surrounding cast still in uniform.

Since then, success has been sparse, with the 5-6 record during the 2017 season serving as the next best mark since 2014.

Socastee has not won more than one region game in any season over the course of the last five years.

Still, Jacobs has seen progress.

“I’ve been very pleased with the kids,” Jacobs said. “It would have been easy for kids to quit. … We really haven’t had anybody quit. We really haven’t had too many injuries.”

There will, however, be a decent amount of turnover come Friday, as 21 seniors are set to run out of eligibility. That means plenty of spots to fill for next year, something the school knows will be helped or hampered by timing.

It’s why Jacobs was immediately given the job when Illing resigned at such a relatively late date; Renfrow said at the time that April and May wasn’t an ideal window to conduct a search.

However, barring a change of plans, it appears one is coming soon.

Jacobs, who in the past battled some health problems, said he is now in a place physically where he could see himself coaching for another five years. If Rich and Renfrow offered the job now, Jacobs said it would be an “easy decision” for him to accept it.

Still, he doesn’t believe that will be the case, at least not without he and others interviewing for the position.

“I want what’s best for Socastee long term,” Jacobs said. “It’s not about me or my ego. I’m all about the kids and the school. I love this place. If we get the opportunity to hire the right person, I wouldn’t stand in the way.”

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