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St. James High School scrimmages in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coastal SC event at St. James High School on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. Photo by Janet Morgan/janet.morgan@myhorrynews.com

It took less than a week of fall camp for a third Horry County football program to be placed in a COVID-19 quarantine.

And now that team has had to back out of the CNB Kickoff Classic.

On Wednesday, the entire St. James varsity squad was placed into quarantine after at least one positive test and connected exposures. That eliminated the Sharks from a full scrimmage and their appearance in the Classic, which is set for Aug. 13 at Coastal Carolina’s Brooks Stadium.

Because of it, the jamboree’s officials called an audible.

CNB co-director Chuck Jordan said the Classic schedule will now look like this:

Game 1: Myrtle Beach vs. Loris (12-minute quarter)

Game 2: Loris vs. Carolina Forest (12-minute quarter)

Game 3: Green Sea Floyds vs. Waccamaw

Game 4: North Myrtle Beach vs. Socastee

Game 5: Aynor vs. Conway

The last three games will be the standard 20-minute quarters the Classic has utilized in the past. Jordan said that Loris — which had its other two scrimmages wiped out by its own quarantine — “jumped” at the opportunity to get more game action that evening.

The coaches all agreed to this format after kicking around other ideas, such as inviting a new team for this year’s event.

But as Carolina Forest coach Marc Morris pointed out, it’s not as if much of anything can be set in stone right now. The current schedule for the Classic doesn’t take into account additional quarantines by teams in Horry County.

Prior to St. James, Loris was placed in one on Tuesday and will come out of it next Wednesday. Myrtle Beach’s quarantine, originally dated to the last day of summer workouts in July, came out of its stay-at-home directive on Monday.

The Loris quarantine was set for 10 days (back dated two days, according to coach Greg Mance) — as opposed to St. James’ 14-day window. Requests for clarification on the different lengths from Horry County Schools were not immediately provided.

Either way, a rash of positive tests has already affected the landscape of the preseason schedules around the state. The Charleston Post and Courier reported Wednesday on four quarantined programs there. 

One of those teams, Wando, previously told Myrtle Beach that it couldn’t scrimmage on Monday as originally planned. Along with St. James withdrawing from CNB and Loris unable to play this week, the Seahawks lost all three previously scheduled preseason events. 

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