Summer workout

Aynor High School has postponed summer conditioning for at least one day.

UPDATE: Shortly after this story was posted, Socastee coach Ben Hampton released a statement saying his team's conditioning drills would cease immediately.

Football conditioning in Horry County is going to be much shorter than expected.

School administrators around the district were informed late Monday evening that the voluntary offseason drills will have to cease after Thursday, according to multiple sources. The other sports slated to start next week will also be put on an indefinite hold.

Horry County Schools is expected to release a formal statement sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.

The county’s nine varsity programs opened their conditioning last week. Following guidelines set forth by the South Carolina High School League, they were allowed to have up to nine players and one coach per pod, although most of the area’s sessions were significantly smaller for various reasons. No equipment was permitted.

Horry County Schools was one of the last major districts in the state to allow for the conditioning drills. Beginning late last week, districts around the state — including most of the neighboring ones — either indefinitely suspended the sessions or pushed back start dates in response to rising COVID-19 numbers in South Carolina.

On Sunday, Aynor football was put on a one-day practice hold while officials from the district researched a possible secondary exposure. The Blue Jackets were cleared Monday afternoon to resume on Tuesday.

Late Monday, Socastee coach Ben Hampton released a statement saying the Braves' conditioning program would cease immediately.

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