Aynor High School gets ready for the season. Photo by Janet Morgan/janet.morgan@myhorrynews.com

Another week, another seesaw game early, another late Aynor surge.

Most importantly, though, this week marked another Aynor win.

The Blue Jackets (6-0, 2-0 region) emerged from a surprising early struggle with Marion to claim a 51-29 victory at home Friday.

The game started out as a defensive battle. Marion's touchdown with 11 seconds left in the second quarter tied the game at 15.

The scoring kicked into another gear after the break. Aynor racked up 36 points in the second half.

Marion scored with 10:12 left in the third quarter to put Aynor in a 22-15 hole.

But the Blue Jackets stormed back with Fred Pollard's second TD of the night and a two-point conversion to take a 23-22 lead with 7:15 left in the third quarter.

Ahmad Gerald would add a touchdown before the end of the quarter for Aynor, but Marion scored again early in the fourth to cut the Aynor lead to 31-29.

Quarterback Andrew Brown's second TD helped the Blue Jackets pull away with 7:21 to play in the game. Pollard's third TD all but sealed the win. 

The Blue Jackets put up 445 yards of offense on 62 plays compared to Marion's 193 yards on 35 plays. Defensively, the Blue Jackets had 12 players with tackles. Some of those were Drew Shelley with six tackles, Garrison Gasque with five, and Lander Harrelson and Noah Jones each had three and a half apiece.

The Blue Jackets will now get ready for a challenging game against the undefeated Dillon Wildcats next week.

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