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Green Sea Floyds Cross Country boys and girls participated in a four team meet in East Clarendon this past week.

Congratulations to the Green Sea Floyds Cross Country team for taking first place in a three team meet held Tuesday, Oct. 3 at Hannah Pamplico and Thursday against Latta.

Team scores Tuesday were first place, Green Sea Floyds; second place, East Clarendon 62; and third place, Hannah Pamplico, 69.

Top 10 runners were firstt place, Jackson Jeter, (Green Sea Floyds), 19:09; second place, Humberto McCall, (Green Sea Floyds), 19:19; third place, Colton Mims, (Hannah Pamplico), 19:29; fourth place, Tanner Strickland, (East Clarendon) 19:46; fifth place, Gage Floyd, (Green Sea Floyds) 19:49; sixth place, Bryce Ford, (Green Sea Floyds) 20:04; seventh place, Zander Poston, (Hannah Pamplico) 20:05; eighth place, Josh Gore (Green Sea Floyds) 20:14; ninth place, Cael Kienast, (Green Sea Floyds), 21:11; and 10th place, Tanner Poston, (Hannah Pamplico), 21:13.

Green Sea Floyds girls also placed first in the three team meet.

Team scores for the girls were first place, Green Sea Floyds, 29; second place, East Clarendon, 32; and Hanna Pamplico, with an incomplete score.

Top 10 runners for the girls were firstplace, Ida Green (East Clarendon) 23:44; second place Brooklyn Sawyer (Green Sea Floyds) 24:20; third place, Hope Azurdia (East Clarendon) 24:50; fourth place, Kirsten Causey (Green Sea Floyds) 24:56; fifth place, Alex McAllister (Hanna Pamplico) 26:40; sixth place, Autumn Slobodiak (Green Sea Floyds) 26:41; seventh place, Jordan Smith (East Clarendon) 27:12; eighth place, Tania Alvarado (Green Sea Floyds) 27:25; ninth place, Joana Jaimes (Green Sea Floyds) 27:52; and 10th place, Sarah Harrington (East Clarendon) 28:53.

Green Sea Floyds Girls and Boys Cross Country had a meet against Latta Thursday Oct. 5.

Team scores for the boys on Thursday were Green Sea Floyds - 18 and Latta - 66.

Top five runners  for the boys were first place, Jackson Jeter, (Green Sea Floyds) 18:51; second place, Humberto McCall (Green Sea Floyds) 19:22; third place, Thomas Allen (Latta) 19:44; fourth place, Gage Floyd (Green Sea Floyds) 19:45; and fifth place, Josh Gore (Green Sea Floyds) 20:01.

Team scores for the girls were: Green Sea Floyds, 15 and Latta, 55.

Top five runners for the girls were: 1st place, Brooklyn Sawyer (Green Sea Floyds) 24:33; 2nd place, Kirsten Causey (Green Sea Floyds) 25:36; 3rd place, Tania Alvarado, (Green Sea Floyds) 26:10; 4th place, Autumn Slobodiak (Green Sea Floyds) 26:46; 5th place, Blakely Lovett (Green Sea Floyds) 27:14.

Green Sea Floyds has a meet on Monday, October 9th, at home and will travel to North Myrtle Beach for the Horry County Cross Country Meet. GO TROJANS!!!

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