Socastee’s Kendrell Generette puts up a shot against the West Florence Knights. The Braves topped the Knights 69-63.

Kendrell Generette doesn’t have much free time on his hands between being a standout on the Socastee High School Braves basketball team, a starter on the football team, homecoming king and applying for colleges.

When he does get a few minutes, he loves to talk about his inspirational uncle Kenny Generette.

“Yeah, no question. My uncle Kenny is the reason that I’m able to do everything I do,” he said. “Whenever I feel like giving up or that I’m not putting in the effort I need to be, I just know how much he wants to see me succeed,” he said.

Generette is busy all around Socastee High School. Right now he is preparing for college, taking exams and working toward his ultimate goal for the year. “I want to see Socastee win a state championship. I want us to win the region and us go to state,” he said. “We have a really good team and I think tonight we proved it.”

The Braves stunned the West Florence Knights with a 69-63 win Tuesday.

“We played a good game,” said head coach Derrick Hilton. “We had probably the best chemistry of the entire year so far as a team. This could really be a turning point in our season.”

Generette had eight points in the game, one of his lowest scoring games of the season, but he’d opt for a win over a double-digit point tally.

“The goal is to see Socastee win, not me get the most points or rebounds or dunks. Whoever has to score, whoever has to block, guard or defend is what is important, not individual stats,” he said. “I mean one of the highlights of my life, at least this season was Beach Ball Classic - not the consolation game where I scored 25 points, but the first game that we won. It was something that we hadn’t done at Socastee in ages and that is what made it special. I can’t even tell you how many points I scored in that game, but I can tell you all about the feeling being able to beat Spartanburg Day in front of so many people and doing it with my team on the court. I really think that could’ve been a turning point for us this season. We really shared the court and we ended up winning the game.”

Socastee won its first Beach Ball Classic game against Spartanburg Day School with a final score of 63-56. Socastee had not won a first-round game at the Beach Ball since 2001.

“The boys are right that after Beach Ball they all seemed to buy into the idea that, ‘Hey, this team can do something special.’ I’ve preached that to them for a while, but I think it took them winning a game, Kendrell going to score 25 points and really playing well against out-of-the-area talent for them to buy into it,” Hilton said.

Generette would love to play basketball in college, but what is most important is his education.

“That is something that I’ve always had to put first in my life,” he said. “Between my mom and my uncle, school was never second place. It was always getting your homework done then going out to hang out or play ball. I’ve played basketball since I was 6 years old, and I can’t tell you how many times my mom would have to tell me to finish my homework or reading or whatever before I could go play. She really made sure that I knew sports came second.”

While sports came second in his household, they’ve always ranked first in his heart.

“My mom will make sure I go to college,” he said. “I would love to be an athletic trainer because I love sports so much and I like science. So I would love to be able to still be around sports in some way, maybe even coaching. I’ve loved basketball and football just about my whole life, so I could see doing something like that.”

“That is something that everyone on this team respects with Kendrell,” Hilton said. “They look to him as a leader on and off the court because they know that he wants to succeed in life and he not only gives 100-percent playing sports, but in the classroom. So I know that his teammates see him as a leader.”

Teammate Andrew Gardner agreed.

“Kendrell is really the general on the basketball court,” he said. “He always knows who has the ball, where it is going and who needs to be doing what. He has a patience and is able to slow or speed up the game to fit our rhythm.”

Right now, Generette is focused on finishing school, graduating in May and enjoying the rest of his time as a Socastee Brave.

“I’ve loved going to school here,” he said. “My favorite class I’m taking right now is probably marine science because we get to go on a lot of field trips and we get to look at sea life. My whole time at Socastee has really helped me grow to be a man and it wouldn’t have happened without my mom, my uncle, my teachers and coaches. ... Without their support, I don’t know where I’d be. Right now I’m excited to see what the future holds. But, I know once a Brave, always a Brave.”


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