Aynor baseball

Aynor baseball head coach Chad Sarvis instructs his team on what to do ahead of practice earlier this season. After a big win over Waccamaw Tuesday, the Blue Jackets are closer to winning a region title. Photo by Ian Livingston Brooking.

The Blue Jackets baseball team returned to the diamond at the beginning of February after almost a full year off. Seeing the team warm up on the field and finally get practice in is something coach Chad Sarvis calls “a blessing.”

“We preach to these kids about being a family,” Sarvis said. “When you’re not together, it takes [the family aspect] away. We’re just happy to have our kids back together and give them a chance to get back on the diamond and be together." 

One of the strengths that Sarvis sees in his team is the quality of pitching arms. 

“We got a lot of kids that we can run out there and can throw for us,” Sarvis said. “I feel good about our arms.”

Pitcher Landon Beverly, who is a preferred walk-on at the Citadel, agrees with his coach, adding that he hopes the team can make a run in the playoffs.

“That’s our main goal,” Beverly said.

In December 2019, SCHSL announced the realignment of teams and some bigger 4A schools are now in 3A with Aynor. Teams like Lower Richland and Brookland-Cayce have made the drop.

“It’s going to be a lot harder competition this year,” Beverly said. “But I feel that we have the talent and work ethic to get through that and win games.”

Aynor has had success on the diamond in recent years, going to lower state in 2017 and winning it all back in 2016. Sarvis believes that his team has what it takes to reach the mountaintop.

“You've got to have a good group of kids that are willing to put in a lot of hard work,” he said. “On top of that, you've got to gel as a team. We got a group of kids that knows what it’s all about and a group of kids that were here as a younger group that saw what happened in ’16. We just feel that they have to put the work in and get after it every day.”



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