GSF v. Hemingway

Green Sea Floyds' Aaron Graham carries the ball during Friday night's matchup with Hemingway. Green Sea Floyds won 62-7.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Green Sea Floyds' record. The Trojans are 8-1.

On the first play of Hemingway’s opening drive, Trojans defensive back Dan Johnson intercepted the ball.

For the rest of the night, it didn’t get much better for the Tigers.

On their home field, Green Sea Floyds (8-1) blew out Hemingway (0-9) 62-7 Friday night to hand the Class 1A Trojans the region championship, the first in school history.

“How many schools can say they won a state championship before they ever won a region championship?” Green Sea Floyds coach Donnie Kiefer said. “It’s just another accomplishment for these kids that has never happened before.”

Within the first minute of play, Trojans wideout Ethan Damron snagged a receiving touchdown shortly after Johnson’s pick.

Green Sea Floyds added to their lead in the first period with a rushing touchdown courtesy of Anwain Graham and a scoring scramble from Bubba Elliott to put them up 21-0.

It was business as usual for the defending state champs, as Trojans running back Jaquan Dixon rushed for a score following an Elliott pick.

Hemingway’s Tyrek Brown answered with a scoring reception, allowing his team to avoid a shutout. Though the squad garnered a turnover in the first half, the Tigers couldn’t get much going to start the game. The team was also unable to capitalize on a long kick return from Brown.

Dixon got two more touchdowns in the second period and then another when Elliott connected with the running back for a passing score that gave the Trojans a massive 49-7 lead going into halftime. That throw followed another Johnson pick, which was part of a punishing defensive effort from the Trojans.

“We talked all week about how we really need to come out and win because we play well, not win because they (Hemingway) haven’t won a game or maybe we’re a little bit better. They've got great athletes.” Kiefer said. "I feel like the kids did that. I feel like they were focused.”

Green Sea Floyds cruised to victory in the second half, scoring another touchdown when going for it on fourth-and-15 with a run. 

An Aaron Graham score was the Trojans final touchdown of the night.

“We don’t really use [him] as much as we should,” Kiefer said.

The team now has two weeks to prepare for a second-round playoff matchup at home, which Kiefer said will allow the team extra time to heal. Anwain Graham went down in the first half with a leg injury, but the coach is hopeful for his return.

“I just hope that we’re all healed up," he said. "Everybody’s ready to go."


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