GSF Timmonsville Bubba Elliott

Green Sea Floyds quarterback Bubba Elliott runs with the ball Friday night in a matchup against Timmonsville. Green Sea Floyds won the game 62-8.

It took roughly three minutes for Green Sea Floyds to get on the scoreboard Friday.

For the rest of the night, they just kept lighting it up. 

Once junior Aaron Graham found the end zone during the squad’s opening drive, Green Sea Floyds (5-1) continued pounding Timmonsville (2-5). The game ended in a 62-8 rout on the Trojans home field. 

“I just thought our kids played really well on all facets of the ball: offense, defense, special teams,” Green Sea Floyds coach Donnie Kiefer said. “[It] was important to us in this game to go in and not win just because maybe we’re better than they are right now, but because we played up to our potential.”

After the Trojans’ first score, the Whirlwinds marched down the field. An incomplete pass on fourth down deep in Green Sea Floyds territory gave the ball to the home team.

The Trojans then put up three touchdowns, the last of which saw Ethan Damron catch a laser for a score.

“I thought we executed well,” Green Sea Floyds quarterback Bubba Elliott said. “We were able to throw the ball more, which opened things up for the run.”

Tim Washington pulled down a long reception to put the Whirlwinds on the board. It was Timmonsville’s only touchdown of the night. On multiple occasions, Christian Taylor tried to get things going by scrambling and throwing on the run. But the Trojans’ defense was steady and kept the pressure on the junior quarterback.

“We played a similar quarterback last week with Baptist Hill,” Kiefer said, “a guy who can run and throw. We were very worried about this quarterback coming into the game because he was so explosive.

“They’re an explosive team and very athletic,” he said of the Whirlwinds. “We knew that coming in so I was very proud of our defense. I thought they took care of business and shut down the run.”

Anwain Graham gave the Trojans yet another touchdown in the first half. This was followed by another Damron reception for a score and a short rushing touchdown from Aaron Graham to put Green Sea Floyds up by a large margin at halftime.

An interception by a Trojan to end the first half was a microcosm of sorts for the game, as the Whirlwinds struggled offensively throughout the night.

Kiefer highlighted how his team utilized different running backs and substituted players, noting how valuable playing time is for non-starters.

“What we always tell our guys is, 'Look. When we put you in there, it’s not just to be happy you got on the field. We want you to prove to us that you can play and we want to play just as well with you in there as we do with the starters.'

“We take it very seriously,” he added. “We don’t substitute just to get guys on the field. We want them to get better while they're out there and prove they can be players for us.”

One thing the coach would like for his team to focus on moving forward is flags. Kiefer spoke on how his players got penalized at inopportune times.

“If we’re going to beat a good team, we’re going to have to really minimize the penalties,” he said.

The Trojans added to their overwhelming lead in the second half with touchdowns from both Aaron Graham and DeAndre Riggins.

Green Sea Floyds heads to Lake View next week for a key away game.

“Lake View is a great football program,” Kiefer said. “[Coach] Daryl King over there does a great job, and they've kind of had Green Sea’s number for a while. We know it’s going to be a battle. We know it’s going to be a four quarter, 48-minute war so we’re just going to have to go in there with the right mindset and not hurt ourselves.”


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