Evan Niciphor takes first in Rotary race

Evan Niciphor captured overall honors in the annual Conway Rotary Club Vidalia Onion 5K Run/Walk over the weekend in Conway.

The 23-year-old completed the course in 16:43 minutes. Paul Boyd, 43, was second in 18:51, and he was followed by Brass Daniel, 42, in 20:58.

Tammy Harold, 50, captured top overall honors for the women in 27:17 minutes. She was followed by Corey Chuhaloff, 30, in 27:52; and Shana Vaught, 25, in 28:32.

The female 13-19 winners were Lauren Welborn, 29:21; Gabby Harrell, 31:08; and Allie Skipper, 40:33.

The male 13-19 winners were Jacob Johnson, 24:47; Matthew Patino, 26:16; and Carson Johnson, 32:35.

Russell Dozier won the men’s 20-29 age group in 21:39. He was followed by Brodie Cotton in 28:26.

The female 30-39 winners were Jamie Gaston, 31:52; Amy Johnson, 31:52; and Kelly Livingston, 31:58.

The women’s 40-49 winners were Angela Boyd, 28:52; Karen Grischuk, 29:27; and Tasha Gaddy, 34:51.

The men’s 40-49 winners were Jorge Estiadia, 24:08; Steve Movsky, 24:56; and Trent Hardee, 30:17.

The female 50-59 winners were Laura Gustafson, 38:03; Anita Giampa, 40:45; and Elaine Daniel, 46:50.

Brian Russell won the men’s 50-59 age group in a time of 26:32 minutes. Eric Gustafson was second in 38:03.

Joanne Joyner captured first place in the female 60-99 division with a time of 41:29 minutes. She was followed by Patsy Jennings, 43:22; and Linda Talaber, 52:52.

Guy Dozier paced the men’s 60-99 division in 29:12 minutes. Jack Holland was second in 31:42, and Terry Chandler was third in 51:34.


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