Dillon defeats Loris

Dillon defeated Loris Friday night.

Despite a heroic effort from the Lions in the first half, Dillon clobbered Loris 63-27 on the road Friday night to remain unbeaten.

After two quarters that saw Loris edge the Wildcats and notch a one-touchdown lead, Dillon scored a whopping 49 points in the second half alone as the squad was able to pull away, wiping out the Lions' playoff hopes in the process.

“I thought we played great in the first half,” Loris coach Greg Mance said. “We came out, and we played with energy and excitement. … We did little things right.”

The first half was a back and forth affair.

Dillon, which came into the night’s matchup as the top ranked team in Class 3A, was the first team to put points up on the board with a rushing touchdown.

In the second quarter, Loris defensive back Omarion Bland intercepted the ball, and quarterback Brice Faircloth followed that up with a short scrambling touchdown dash to give the home team a one-point lead.

Dillon answered with a touchdown of its own, and Faircloth responded with another scramble for a score.

Bland got another pick, and Faircloth ran for yet another touchdown to give the Lions a seven-point advantage heading into halftime.

“We caught them sleeping,” Mance said. “They were flat, and we took advantage of that, and then we woke them up. And in the second half, they rolled us.”

Mance was right, as the Wildcats appeared unfazed.

Though Loris received the ball to start the second half, within minutes Dillon regained the lead with a touchdown and two-point conversion, and a big-time rush soon after extended the lead further.

Once again, Faircloth scored on a scramble, but it wasn’t enough, as Dillon pulled ahead and never looked back.

“We played our hearts out for a half, and things didn't go our way,” Mance said. “In the second half, we kind of got down a little bit and tried to come back. We just didn't have an answer for them on defense.”

Dillon’s run game in particular showed out, as Wildcats running back Nemo Squire powered through Lion defenders en route to the squad’s win.

“We tried everything,” Mance said. "We threw everything at them. We just couldn’t get them stopped.”



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