MB Terrain Race 11

Participants cross one one of several obstacles during the first-ever Myrtle Beach Terrain Race that was held at the Myrtle Beach Speedway Saturday, March 3, 2018.

As for the hardest part of the first-ever Myrtle Beach Terrain Race, Julia Boland said it was definitely turning over “the giant tires.” 

The San Diego, Ca. native, along with her husband, traversed several obstacles at the event held at the Myrtle Beach Speedway on an especially windy Saturday.

“It was fun,” she said. "If it wasn’t so cold and windy then we probably would’ve been more brave about the water activities.”

Participants could each run individually or as part of a team, navigating over 48 acres of more than 20 obstacles, which included tunnels, mud pits, trenches and dirt hills. For those ending up particularly grimy, a fall from the monkey bars into a pool may not be so bad.

Thomas Barnett of Myrtle Beach described that activity as his favorite.

“I made it both times,” he said. “I went one time to support someone else and make sure they felt comfortable. If they fell, I would fall.”

Another option for cleanliness was being blasted by foamy soap courtesy of Dr. Bronner’s before being hosed off.

Both Boland and Barnett took part in the non-competitive wave of the terrain race. Those who sought to compete could do so for cash prizes for first, second and third place and a series tailored toward younger folks was also available.

Barnett said he came as a group of around 20 or so who ranged in age.

“We all went our paces and made sure we could spot each other on the harder obstacles,” he said. “…It’s a really cool event.”

He and Boland agreed it was nice to enjoy the course at their own pace.

“If there was something you didn’t feel comfortable with or you had an injury, just step to the side, tap out and move to the next one,” Barnett said. “No one’s forcing you to do anything. … We were just trying to have some fun.”

Officials hope for the terrain race to become an annual occurrence. For more information on the Speedway and upcoming events there, visit myrtlebeachspeedway.com.


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