ALT Transportation Services LLC is a family owned and operated non-emergency medical transportation business run by mother and son duo Angela Walker and Tavis Hemingway.

The company opened in July 2021 and offers safe and affordable non-emergency medical transportation servicing Horry, Georgetown, Dillon, Marion, Florence, Williamsburg and Darlington counties. They also offer rides to Charleston.

Walker owns and operates an in-home care agency, which is where the transportation business idea stemmed from.

“There is a need for it in the area,” Hemingway said. “We get calls for it all the time. My thought was we can solve this problem.” 

ALT Transportation Services LLC offers a wide range of non-emergency medical transportation services to cater to many needs, including transportation to medical appointments, dialysis, chemotherapy treatments, hospital discharge, medicine pickup, shopping, adult daycare and nursing homes. 

“We are here and we are ready to serve,” Walker said. 

Because of operating another business within the medical care field, Walker said she understands her patients’ struggles with trying to get to their doctors appointments on time. 

“I know the demand of getting my clients to doctors appointments. A lot of the time, the caregiver brings them or they have to rely on other means to get to the doctor,” she said. 

Walker said hearing those stories and seeing them first hand inspired her to create an alternative transportation resource for people. Their business motto is “we take pride in your ride.” 

Walker said they are hoping to be a blessing to people in the area who need transportation services for their non-emergency medical needs.

Their compassion for what they do is what sets the business apart from other medical transportation services in the area, Hemingway said.

“We make sure our clients get into the doctor's office OK. We walk them in and make sure they are being taken care of,” Hemingway said. 

ALT Transportation Services LLC strives to hire the right staff to care for clients, has a passion for what they do and are overall caring people. 

Anyone who is interested in scheduling a ride with ALT Transportation Services LLC should call at least three days in advance. 

Walker said the more notice they have, the better. When someone calls, a representative will explain the services and rates they offer. ALT Transportation Services LLC accepts private pay from clients and some insurance companies. Clients will let them know when and where the appointments are located, and can plan to be picked up an hour before the appointment. Drivers will later pick up clients from their appointment within 30 minutes of it ending.

“We have an incentive program for our clients,” Hemingway said. “After five rides, we give them a free ride within 10 miles.”

If you are interested in learning more about services offered from ALT Transportation Services LLC, call 843-915-0295 or email


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