Scrubby's Car Wash

Scrubby’s Car Wash, a family owned and operated business with 11 locations, is opening its newest location in Georgetown next month.

With locations in South Carolina and one in Lumberton, North Carolina, Scrubby’s was started by brothers Chase Howard and Charles Howard, Jr. as a side hustle to their families main business, Chase Oil Company. The oil company was founded by their grandfather, Maitland S. Chase, Jr., in 1946. The brothers represent the third generation of the family’s company legacy. 

“Charles and I got into the car wash business 25 years ago as a sideline business of the oil company,” Chase Howard said.

There was a car wash that was unreliable and would frequently break at a convenience store where the two brothers worked. A competitor in town built his own car wash and they saw how successful it was. At the time, there were touchless car washes and they wanted to build their own. 

“We got the manufacturer here and bought new equipment. We washed more cars in that month with the new equipment than before,” Chase Howard said. 

About 25 years ago when they first began the car wash business, only 10 cars could be washed per hour. Now, that number has jumped to about 100. 

“About seven or eight years ago, Chase came into my office and said we need to take a look at the tunnel washes,” Charles Howard said. 

They converted their Lumberton laser wash into their first tunnel wash, which became one of the highest-producing car wash sites at the time. 

When the brothers opened their first car wash, it was just a two-man work force and it had gone from a sideline business to a full-time business. When the new Georgetown location opens, they will have over 50 employees company wide.

Chase and Charles take pride in the way their employees treat customers like family. 

“We treat the customer like he or she is the most important person on that lot,” Charles Howard said. “Our customers are like family. It’s important to get your employees to know they are there to serve and treat the customers.” 

They have surrounded themselves with great people and a dedicated force of people who work with them to help run the business. 

“We like to say we are the Chick-fil-A of the car wash business,” Chase Howard said. 

Scrubby’s Car Wash is heavily involved throughout the communities where car washes are located. The company partners with schools, offers fundraising programs and opportunities and is there to support in any way possible. 

“Our fundamental principle is that we are extremely community minded,” Charles Howard said. “If people are going to do business with us, we need to invest and support the community. We want the community to look at us as an asset and supportive outlook.”

Typically, a new car wash will take between eight to 10 months to construct and for equipment to be built, including special technology for the tunnel washes. 

Scrubby’s Car Wash offers the Scrub Club — a monthly membership with unlimited washing, vacuuming or wet vacuuming options for vehicles. The company also offers high-end wash and vacuum equipment to ensure the vehicle wash experience is exceptional.

The Scrub Club at the Georgetown location will be “heavily discounted” for a limited time when the new location opens in August. In addition to the discounted Scrub Club membership, the Georgetown location will offer free car washes for the first 10 days.

“We would like to wash every car in Georgetown for free for the first 10 days to make sure everyone has had their car washed by us,” Chase Howard said. 

The new Scrubby’s Car Wash location is at 1311 N. Fraser Street, and a grand opening is set for mid-August. 


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