Pinch me.

Somebody please tell me the federal government isn’t considering paying the families of illegal immigrants up to $1 million!

President Joe Biden, when asked if this is true, said such a payout “isn’t going to happen.”

But, there are creditable reports that the U.S. Justice Department is considering making huge payouts to parents whose children were taken from them by border patrol agents after illegally entering the United States.

Has this country completely lost its mind?

Why in the world should this nation compensate families whose illegal activities caused the problem?

While the president says large payments won’t happen, credible sources have confirmed his administration is considering paying $450,000 to each person separated from their family at the southern border with Mexico.

The payouts would be used to settle several lawsuits that claim the U.S. border policy left the “victims” with lasting psychological effects.

According to Forbes, the U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services are in talks to offer each person who had been separated $450,000. The offer comes to nearly $1 million per family. About 940 families have filed claims.

I think it’s unlikely such large amounts of money will be awarded, but it’s almost a sure thing that the government will negotiate some type of settlement with the aggrieved families.

When that happens, the U.S. best brace for another onslaught of illegal aliens looking for that pot of gold waiting in the U.S.

I’m equally appalled by Biden’s draconian policy about COVID-19 vaccinations.

Not only does the edict require government employees to be vaccinated, it requires any business with 100 or more employees to require vaccinations.

This is one of the most hypocritical actions taken by our government that I have ever witnessed.

The government allows thousands of people to pack stadiums, coliseums and music festivals without a requirement to wear a mask or be vaccinated.

Yet, Biden wants the very people who protected us at the height of the pandemic to become vaccinated or suffer the consequences.

Doctors, nurses, first responders and public safety employees risked their lives to provide life-saving health care to those afflicted with COVID-19. Now, their personal beliefs are thrown aside and trampled by leaders in Washington.

The private sector, already hamstrung by an employee shortage, must either abide by the vaccine decree or face hefty fines.

What’s going on here?


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