After many years of languishing unproductively, the property once known as Hard Rock Park is coming to life.

While it may not have the pizzazz it once promised, the property will certainly have long-lasting consequences for Horry County.

Our newspapers reported this past week that FedEx plans to open a nearly 251,000-square-foot distribution center at the former Hard Rock Park site later this year.

"We continue to experience significant package volume due to e-commerce growth and are optimizing the capacity of our network to meet growing demand for our services," a statement provided by the company reads. "The site was chosen because of its ease of access to major highways, proximity to customers' distribution centers and a strong local community workforce for recruiting employees.”

I’m not sure how FedEx came to the conclusion that Horry County’s major highways can handle more commercial traffic, but I’ll yield to its judgement.

The property’s proximity to Myrtle Beach International Airport could certainly help with FedEx cargo delivered by plane.

The airport is just a hop, skip and a jump over the Intracoastal Waterway thanks to the Fantasy Harbor bridge built to service the now defunct amusement parks.

Hard Rock Park held a lot of promise when it opened in 2008 and I was hoping it would be successful.

However, the park filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Another company bought the park out of bankruptcy for $25 million and renamed it Freestyle Music Park.

It, too, closed citing financial difficulties. No one else had the stomach to try reopening the amusement park. The rides were sold and the buildings had fallen into a sad state of disrepair.

Perhaps the property will fare better as a hub for FedEx.

Although the company hasn’t revealed details about the operation, I feel certain the new facility will provide good paying jobs for many people.

It’s likely other businesses will also set up shop to support the distribution center.

FedEx said it will contract for package pickup and delivery services with businesses that hire for local positions including drivers, helpers and managers.

Another part of the former amusement park will be used as a repair center for recreational vehicles.

Beach Ford RV hopes to have 30 services bays, according to plans filed with Horry County planners. With the popularity of camping, it should be a big success.

It’s too bad the old Hard Rock Park couldn’t be revitalized. It was a fun place to visit during its brief stay. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see the property will be put to good use.


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