Dear editor, 

With the number of cases of positive COVID-19 rising in Horry County and nationally, how is it even possible that the Horry County Council voted to end the mask mandate?

By accounts written, the committee was confused about what they were voting for. But instead of another vote, the decision was made to end the mask mandate at the end of October.

I do not know or even understand the logic here. Nor do I understand in a Christian community why keeping your neighbor safe by masking up is such a problem.

We can only hope that our fellow Horry County residents will do the right thing. And just in case anyone who uses the excuse that their personal freedom to choose whether to wear a mask is being violated, please read the U.S. Constitution.

I doubt people using this as an excuse have any idea what it says. But I can tell you very plainly, the Constitution does not give you the right to harm others. In this instance, failing to wear a mask does exactly that. 

Victoria Lisle

Carolina Forest


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