Dear editor,

What has happened?

At an early stage of this pandemic, most European countries responded quickly, mandated all medical recommendations and held fast. Those countries are now reporting dramatic reductions in infections.

Tragically, our country failed to adopt any guidelines, leaving every state, county, and city government to fend for themselves and flounder. I realize that this makes decisions difficult for the Conway City Council, but I am at a loss to understand why four members of city council (Goldfinch, Hyman, Jordan and Hubbard) voted against the ordinance to require face masks in all public buildings.

It has been alarming to observe the large number of members at the Conway Recreation Center exercising without masks! Most of these members are well into their “senior” years. I used to think the Baby Boomers had common sense!

To those of you who oppose this simple and effective approach to this dangerous and highly contagious virus, I pray that you do not contract this virus and are asymptomatic as I was in early March. Unknowingly, I passed it to my 9-month-old grandson who passed it to his father. Several weeks later, their much-loved family cat died from it! All of this still haunts me.

Fortunately, the vast majority of those who contract this recover, but we are learning that there could very well be longterm health issues for an unknown number of those who suffered and recovered.

To the city council members who voted against face masks, I implore you to be more concerned about the health of your constituents than winning a popularity contest. Now more than ever, we need leaders, not politicians!

Anne M. Creel



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