Dear editor,

This year’s election offers starkly different candidates. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Jaime Harrison and most Democrats favor eliminating Trump’s tax cuts and imposing massive tax hikes on corporations, the middle class, small business owners and capital gains. 

President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence brought the greatest prosperity ever to America prior to COVID-19, with record-setting employment numbers. Trump provided military equipment to Ukraine to resist Russian aggression, whereas Obama and Biden allowed Putin to seize Crimea with impunity. Trump strengthened our military, which Biden and Obama decimated. Trump made superb trade deals, such as USMCA, and put America first by imposing tariffs on China and avoiding new wars. 

He brought our embassy to Jerusalem, helped establish agreements among Bahrain, UAE, Sudan, and Israel, funded historically Black colleges and universities, and worked with Sen. Tim Scott to bring “opportunity zones” for African-Americans and others in South Carolina and across the nation.

 Joe Biden is the prophet of “dark winters” and gloom and doom, and Kamala Harris embraces the socialism of Bernie, Omar, and AOC. Democrats support open borders, sanctuary cities, and defunding of police.

Biden is happy to shut down our country, our energy independence and our schools. thus causing opioid addictions, depression, suicide, huge gasoline and fuel increases, and hopelessness for young people and suffering businesses. Trump and Pence are the best hope for regenerating jobs and prosperity and restoring public schools to fulfill their intended purpose, not to indoctrinate the minds of students with Marxist and leftist ideology.

Trump and Pence have worked tirelessly to supply ventilators, develop vaccines, find treatments and pass financial aid during the COVID crisis.

They are relentless and indefatigable, whereas Biden spends countless days in his basement and lacks the physical stamina and mental fitness to handle the rigors of POTUS. Vote Trump/Pence/ Graham/Rice. 

Randy Bryan

Carolina Forest


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