To the editor,

When I read the article about graduation and how the school board along with administration from the various high schools was trying to work out a safe graduation for our seniors, I could feel the deep concern they were having for safety. I believe everyone agrees with the importance of the high school diploma. However, for many graduates this is one more step needed to achieve their goal of a two-, four- or even a six-year degree. Many will move directly into the workforce and not pursue a higher education.

I believe it is time these young adults are treated with the respect they have earned for 12 years of hard work. I think they should have a say as to whether they believe the risk with this virus is worth the paper they have already earned.

A graduation ceremony is not going to change the reward; however, it might change their life with a detrimental outcome.

One droplet of the virus may that be taken home and spread to a sibling, parent or grandparent could have grave consequences that they might have to live with the rest of their lives. I do not believe anyone is worried about the young adults having a negative personal outcome. I believe many may think about the loved ones they may infect and choose not to have the graduation. Let our young adults have a say about the graduation ceremony before the school board goes through a lengthy process that will never guarantee complete safety.

Sam Yarbrough



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