To the editor,

I believe the lyrics from John Lennon, “So This Is Christmas,” is an appropriate way to start this letter.

It is the Christmas season all over the world. As I acknowledge this, I cannot help but also acknowledge 2020 has been a year which has all but turned this world upside down. Multiple countries have been terribly damaged by this new COVID-19 virus. This damaging virus is common ground on which the world stands. Apart from this terrible common ground, each country has seen its own unique problems. Unfortunately, America is no exception.

For America, the past four years have been led and governed; undeniably; by the harshest; most bizarre president, administration, and senate; ever! The resulting divisiveness, deception, and the unquestionable multiple violations of our U.S. Constitution have created a civil unrest which turned violent in 2020.

Along with the COVID-19 virus; which alone has been destructive; we Americans have also suffered destruction at the hands of our own government. Though the supporters of this government will never admit it, our United States of America is dangerously divided! Remember, “A house divided cannot stand.”

Again, this is the Christmas season. Under normal circumstances, it is a time of unity. As for 2020, is there any doubt that Americans will need a miracle to have unity and to abolish, once-and-for-all, this hellish government created and government fueled divisiveness!

In closing, “I ask all true Americans to say a Christmas prayer for all 50 United States to quickly ratify a U.S. Constitutional amendment which will forbid, forever, the return of such an asinine, chaotic, self-absorbed, and treacherously dangerous government as Americans have been forced to tolerate these past four years.”

Timothy Monroe Bledsoe

North Augusta


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