To the editor:

Certain elected council members, Namely Tim Courtney and Ron Ott, are new to Surfside Beach Town Council!

Councilmen Courtney and Ott, this is about (especially Mr.Ott’s uncalled for outbursts in open town council meetings), your arrogant, smug attitude (of which I might add, other residents have commented), blatant, disrespect of the mayor, town administrator, micromanaging and other staff of the town. You seem to enjoy these types of actions, which are totally unacceptable in my opinion as a resident, registered voter (renter as I understand you put it) of Surfside Beach, The Family Beach!

You both are newly elected officials and came on board with guns blazing and still are! Just maybe it would have been a great opportunity for you both to have had attended the Municipal Association class to be enlightened on how to conduct yourselves as a councilmen maybe even anger management for Mr. Ott! Mr. Courtney’s constant badgering of the administrator at every town council meeting concerning FEMA reimbursement of our beloved pier, apparently you fail to realize we are dealing with the U.S Government entity, of which indicated they (FEMA) are short on funds. Not to mention the fact, you cannot rush, push, intimidate the U. S. government. The end result most likely be unfavorable or not to your liking?

The best example of disrespect for the mayor and town, when the both of you stood and protested the mayor’s decision to have the former town attorney attend the specially called meeting, Saturday Aug. 19, called by four councilmen, as the attorney explained, when given the opportunity, as to why he was there to advise council and the town of the legal aspect to protect from any lawsuits. To my knowledge, neither of you have a law degree.

The administrator on numerous occasion has voiced that you can come to her office, with any questions you may have, before the council meetings. Rather you seem to choose to ask questions to her, of which she cannot answer to your satisfaction because, she doesn’t have the facts before her. So just maybe you should accept her invite, to ask questions and have the proper documentation before her! As I have heard you both comment, common sense.

Mr. Courtney, need I remind you, your term will be up in a few brief months. Not knowing your future plans in running for office, as I heard you say “ I am not a politician, a family man with children.”

Just maybe it would be wise to focus your energy towards our town’s pressing issues at hand and not interfere with the staff of Surfside Beach daily operations.

The main reason for not speaking out, which I hear from some residents, is fear of repercussions, of which I am aware and experiencing, daily as I write this letter.

Surfside Beach The Family Beach is a great town, great amenities, town services and staff, “Paradise” as my wife calls it!

Steve Shore

Surfside Beach


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