Ladies and Gentlemen,

I, only as a private citizen, have decided to plan a public forum/town meeting concerning the recent events of increased crime and other concerns that are affecting our town and the surrounding communities. These events are now occurring beyond the city limits and into our rural areas. I am tired of the rest of the county looking at Loris as a spot of degradation and seething crime. The community of Loris has too much good and beauty and potential to be squashed by the looming shadows of crimes, drugs, theft, and fear.

I am not doing this for any reason other than I feel like I can no longer sit back and be silent. As an educator in the schools, member of an area church, resident of a great little extended community, and parent of children raised here, I just want to see the citizens of the area put our feet down firmly and straighten our backs to bring the good back to the front of this community.

Planning for such a forum to start the process of action will take a little bit of time. I am working on a large central location to hold this forum (since we do not have a community center - that is another issue). I am also asking area leaders to come be a part of this forum.

What this forum does NOT need to become nor will it (sorry for the frankness of speech) is a time to bash any one group, area, organization or political group. What I have seen is it has gotten Loris nowhere and a new approach is needed.

As I work to get this together, if you know an individual in your particular area or smaller community who you feel would be a strong representative of your areas’ needs who may be willing to work as a part of a small planning panel, will you please pass along this information and possibly message me their contact information? Email me at bandmamawhiz@ or contact me on facebook, Sherry Iamthatmom Whisnant.

Again, this is something I feel strongly about and feel that our community needs to start the new year with a new perspective and attitude to help heal our community and make her beautiful again.

Thank you for your time,

Sherry Whisnant,

Citizen of Loris

"For such a time as this."


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