To the editor,

As we live through these turbulent times, everything can seem overwhelming. What’s important? What can I do? What can I control? The questions are endless. For me, the overriding question is will our planet survive and who will control its survival? The answer is you, me, us: and we will do it through our vote.

One of the biggest threats to our planet is the health of our oceans. SODA (Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic) is a non-partisan volunteer group which has fought both the Obama and Trump administrations to stop offshore drilling before it starts.

Offshore drilling will destroy our ocean, our economy and ultimately our way of life. A 10- year moratorium on offshore drilling (starting in 2022) has been signed by President Trump.

It does not even address the horrors of seismic blasting; and, truly, a moratorium can be reversed instantly. The only way to solve this issue is for Congress to pass, and the president sign, legislation to permanently ban blasting and drilling.

SODA has asked the question: Who will protect our coast? Through surveys and studies of the history of voting and/or activisim, SODA has concluded that Democratic candidates for federal office offer the best shot for a permanent fix. For state legsislators, a solid mix of Republicans and Democrats are excellent choices.

SODA knows the Trump Administration’s ultimate goal is to open 98% of both coasts for sale to private corporations. We know first-hand how Senator Graham has done nothing for 5 1⁄2 years to help his constituents. We know that oil spills know no borders and Mr. Graham’s concern for “state’s rights” defies common sense. Trumps’s moratorium is an election year ploy, nothing more.

Please visit for more information on candidates and the issues that seismic blasting and drilling present.

Sandy Porter

North Myrtle Beach

SODA Core Team volunteer


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