To the editor:

During these crazy days we are experiencing, we must be grateful for what we have. All those who have a vested interest in Myrtle Beach High School should know how much principal Zach McQuigg’s leadership is appreciated.

Zach and his staff have exhibited top-notch behavior throughout the school year. His communication with the parents through his emails is to the point, relatable and refreshing. McQuigg’s respect is evident in his staff as well. The camaraderie among the teachers is always apparent.

For the students, they enjoy a mentor who not only remembers their name when he passes them in the hall, but has a genuine interest in how their day is going. McQuigg’s passion is highlighted with his attendance at all of the students’ sporting events. His demeanor is uncanny and his decisions are careful not to exclude anyone. We thank God for McQuigg’s cordial concern.

It must be noted, however, there are many concerned parents who have seniors graduating this year. We hope our precious next generation will get the accolades they deserve. Their voice, opinions and actions will undoubtedly shape our future. Ironically, they were introduced to this world during the 9/11 era and will subsequently graduate into a virtual world. Hopefully, they have acquired some common sense to properly guide them in this unpredictable time.

Please join us in extending a heartfelt thank you to Myrtle Beach High School’s Principal Zach McQuigg and his amazing staff for a job well done this 2020 school year.

Jeff and Christine Emanuel

Myrtle Beach


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