To the editor,

This is in response to your article concerning the impact fees proposed on “new homes and businesses.” The reality is, the possibility of these fees, only serves to provide cover for the County Council to hide behind. Adding to this is the fact that, it is a “non-Binding” vote, only makes it worse!

Chairman Lazarus provided a “classic” misdirection statement in your article, by saying “help us find the solutions to fix the problem.” Really, Chairman Lazarus? I hate to tell you, but you all not only have created the problems, but you continue to make them worse each day, by approving one development after another without adequate planning. You are guaranteeing the continuing of the problems!

The impact fees proposed are only one time charges! It’s made to sound wonderful, and as if the money is falling from heaven and will forever. Where does the money come from next year or the year after? Statements like this are designed to intentionally mislead the public and is why we don’t have adequate roads, emergency services AND police when we need them. If we only increased the property tax per home $100 per year or $8.33 a month, we would have more than enough revenues to provide adequate roads, police and fire protection.

The entire Horry County Council continues to fail the citizens of the county and frankly they need to grow a spine.

Blaise B. Barnes Myrtle Beach


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