To the editor,

We're all entitled our opinions, Mr. Bender, which is what your entire article is about; hateful, disillusioned rhetoric of a president of the United States.

Except for your citing of our Founding Fathers, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, a New York Times article, your statements on President Trump are baseless and nonexistent. Opinions are just that, unless those opinions cause a defamation of one's character in a lawsuit, which can happen. Opinions should be carefully thought out so as not to defame or bolster a one sided statement based on hate or disdain, which you showed in your article.

Examples of your high disdain of President Trump showed in your statement that the "press envisioned by Trump would be based on models of Russia's Pravda and China's Xinhua - official propaganda arms of those respective totalitarian regimes." Really?

"Totalitarian" in the United States?

As far as "propaganda" is concerned in this country, the no-news medias since the Obama term of office, has been using extreme propaganda deceptions of opinionated rhetoric in attempts to persuade their base viewers of how they perceive this President Trump, without citing direct sources of their findings or opinions.

That is called indoctrination of the misinformed, uninformed or low information voters so that they have a reason to hate a United States president. Ever heard of the Hitler Youth in the days of Adolf Hitler prior to World War II in which the youths in Germany created their indoctrination methods onto their German citizens so that they'd begin to hate the German Jews because of a dictatorial behavior of a man who hated Jews? History can repeat itself if we are not aware or learn it, Mr. Bender.

Starting with your statement that Trump started his "political career" lying about Barack Hussein Obama's birth place as Kenya, was not exactly all true. Back when Donald Trump was just "business man" Donald Trump, he did com- plain that President Obama had not posted publicly his birth certificate.

Trump made a challenge to Obama then, and later Obama post- ed a "Certificate of Live Birth", which is not exactly the same as a birth certificate, like we who are American born all receive after birth, not a "Certificate of Live Birth." Why was a Certificate of Live birth posted instead of the usual Birth Certificate, Mr. Bender? You failed to explain that. So, let's just leave that one alone for awhile since it'll get into a lengthy debate.

How did you conclude that Donald Trump has "no knowledge or interest in history" nor "does not understand that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted to protect the press"? He understands more than you know, Mr. Bender, including the First, especially the Second, the Third and the rest of our Constitutional Amendments.

He hadn't once taken away the rights of the free press yet, instead he tweets out his opposition to them when they falsely report or make up stories they can't back up, and some of them had retracted their false reports, or did you miss out on that, too? Mostly what the "Fake News" reports are derogatory and demeaning statements of only their opinions on matters they disagree with, especially with his immigration policy, which he is rectifying one of his campaign promises of building a wall on our southern border.

You've also forgotten that the Democrats, when they were in power before, and during Obama's first term, were considering a wall or at least expanding a more durable fence line along the border to curtail the illegal border crossers, illegal aliens who cross our borders without using the proper ways of enter- ing our country, unlike what his wife, Melania, a "documented", American citizen immigrant, who went through proper channels to become a U.S. citizen.

You failed to note that, too. Trump defends the First Amendment and free press constitutional rights by allowing them to say what they say without unlawful- ly silencing or suppressing them from his first day of office to the present. Have you seen any of that yet?

Trump only defends himself with Twitter tweets and Facebook posts and complains about them at his rallies because he has a legitimate Constitutional right to do so, too.

Fox News has even found that what Trump says are "Fake News" reports by the main stream media are true, because Fox news investi- gates a lot of those reports, unlike what your main stream media does, which they don't do anymore.

Journalism died a long while ago with the main stream media's indoctrination tactics in trying to persuade the general public into thinking they are always right and a president of the United States is always wrong. Well, they are wrong and so are you.

My husband, a veteran retiree of 26 years, always tells me, "Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you read." Think about how true that really is, and you'll find the Fake News is not always right all the time.

As for having "affinity to dictators", Mr. Bender, that offensive, demeaning, demagoguery state- ment of yours shows you have a problematic behavior consistent with what conservatives are calling, "Trump Derangement Syndrome". You show no basis nor proof that President Trump has any type of "affinity to dictators."

As for that baseless statement, the last administration had more of that kind of "affinity to dictators" than what you believe Trump to have when Obama chose Janet Napalitano to be his Homeland Security Chief.

She emphatically stated in her first year as Homeland Security chief, as if it was a fact of hers, that U.S. veterans, and I am also a veteran, Mr. Bender, are "homeland terrorists." Not once did President Obama back then defend us veterans denying that statement nor did he fire Janet Napalitano for making such a judgmental, derogatory statement such as that. But she did later resign from her position without making a formal statement as to why she resigned.

So there you have it. Defamatory statements like yours, and like Janet Napalitano's, are only just opinions but they are dangerous defamatory statements in attempting to persuade a general public into thinking like that because it instills hate and possibly dangerous actions (meaning life threatening attempts on a U.S. President) that might make the mass media news or might not make the news, depending on if they are the real investigative reporting news or if they are the real "Fake News" medias that Donald Trump has proven so many times. 

Have a nice day. Be well.

Carlene Carmen



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