To the editor,

This letter refers to the story, “State wildlife agency opposes plan to build a hospital near Carolina Forest preserve land” on

With over 40,000-plus residents in Carolina Forest with housing developments and a population growing at stealth speed, we desperately need an emergency room in our community. However, the state of South Carolina says, “No.”

Since when does Horry County and/or the state governments veto housing and other development that encroaches on sparse acres of wetlands in Carolina Forest or elsewhere in the state? As an environmental activist and conservation writer for over 30 years, the need for an emergency room thus saving lives in Carolina Forest far outweighs a relatively small area of wetlands and controlled burns in that location. Something is amiss. I think the state of South Carolina wants this emergency room to be built elsewhere instead of Carolina Forest. It has nothing to do with a small area of wetlands. Face it, in due time all of International Drive will be eventually developed. 

Once again the county and state shuns useful and purposeful development in Carolina Forest proving detrimental to residents and our property values. Instead, Carolina Forest is a dumping grounds by the county and state for undesirable development.

Barbara Runion

Myrtle Beach


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