To the editor,

I am 72 years old and take COVID-19 seriously, mainly because of being male and in the high risk zone for this virus. I was diagnosed with COVID-19 last month, and was surprised to learn I had the disease because my symptoms were a slight headache and body aches and no fever.

I asked to see the doctor to discuss it with him, and the nurse said the doctor will not see you until you test negative for the virus. Then I asked what medicine can I take to get better. I was sarcastically told “you have a virus and there is nothing you can take to get better, now go home, and if you get real sick check yourself into the hospital!”

In other words, get out of here, and if you die that’s your problem. I tried to call my doctor for two days and was told he was too busy with healthy patients to talk with me. My guess is he thought he could get COVID-19 over the phone. Anyway, I finally got to talk with my doctor two days later and asked him if I could take hydroxychloroquine. He said hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work. Period. I asked if there was anything else I should be taking to help prevent serious complications.

There is nothing we can do to help you! OK, so I am on my own with this virus. Like so many other Americans, I must deal with this problem by myself.

I have decided to live my life to the fullest with the remaining time I have left on earth. My parents lived to 100, so I am looking forward to a long life, but I am over my quarantine period and plan to get out in the fresh air, take walks, visit friends and family and enjoy life. I do not ever want to be locked up in my home for months or even years in fear of COVID-19. The time you lock yourself up is time you will never get back in life. People are so afraid of death they give up their lives. I refuse to let the fear of dying dictate my will to not live a normal life because of my fear of the unknown.

I know in my heart the good Lord will have a place for me in heaven when my time is up in this world.


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