Over its 40-year history, this media company has rarely endorsed a candidate for political office.

There’s a reason for that.

Waccamaw Publishers, the parent company of the Horry Independent, Myrtle Beach Herald, Carolina Forest Chronicle and Loris Scene, has long maintained that its role is to provide voters with the best information for them to make decisions. We’re not here to decide for them. 

That being said, we do endorse voting. 

This election, the voting process will be different. Nearly two dozen precincts were moved after concerns about COVID-19 led to a shortage of poll workers and polling sites. Expect to see hand-sanitizing stations and people in masks. Longer lines are a possibility, too. 

But please vote. The response to the new coronavirus has left the local economy in tatters. Nearly 60,000 unemployment claims have been filed in Horry County since the pandemic-related business closures began.

A strong recovery will be critical, and it’s important that voters choose the best candidates to help in the rebuilding process.

To help our readers, we have filled this edition with complete coverage of every race from school board and county council seats to state Senate and House races.

We also plan to have expansive coverage on our website on the day of the primary, providing results as we receive them.

We understand there are reasons why voters may want to avoid the polls. There are health concerns about COVID-19, not to mention a feeling of helplessness that inevitably comes during an election: “Can my vote really make a difference?”

The answer is yes.

Five years ago, a local mayoral race was decided by a single vote. 

Sure, that election was an outlier. However, this is certain: those who choose not to vote forfeit an opportunity to make a difference.


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