At the risk of being called a “party pooper” I must question the expenditure of $60,000 of taxpayer money to throw an outing for Horry County employees.

Recently, Horry County officials discussed a proposed employee appreciation day at the council’s administration committee meeting.

Officials said the county held a worker appreciation event years ago, but did away with the expense during the tight budgets of the last recession.

If county leaders approve the publicly funded celebration, it would be held on Nov. 2, the day of Coastal’s homecoming game against Troy.

Each county worker and a guest would receive a voucher for a game ticket, a hot dog, chips and a soft drink. The baseball stadium’s concessions stand would also be open and there would be cornhole and other games available for entertainment.

Some members of county council think throwing a party will improve morale for county employees.


But for those footing the bill, it’s like a slap in the face.

Every year I work hard to pay my taxes to the county. I pay grudgingly, but obligingly, because as a member of society I have an obligation to help pay for police protection, fire protection, the court system and all of the other services provided by county government.

Sometimes, I have to sacrifice other wants and needs to pay my taxes on time.

While I admire much of the work being done by county employees, I don’t think I need to entertain them.

If county council truly wants to show appreciation to county employees, I suggest spending the money on better benefits or bonuses for exceptionally good work.

County employees can party on their own dime.


While I’m on my soap box, I wonder why the S.C. Department of Transportation decided to spray rights-of-way on highways with a chemical that kills trees and bushes?

I suppose the idea is to keep vegetation from overrunning highways and causing problems for motorists.

However, the “scorched earth” approach makes the road system look like Sherman marched through Horry County.

Seriously, some roads look like someone with an industrial-strength flamethrower blasted beautiful pine trees and low-hanging limbs.

Now, the leaves and pine needles have started to fall off the abused trees leaving behind a trail of dead vegetation.

I’m not sure which looks worse. The torched trees or the blighted landscape left behind.

I also wonder if the chemical used to kill shrubs and parts of trees is good for the environment.

Maybe spraying overhanging branches with a chemical is the most economical way of keeping the highways clear of unwanted vegetation.

Nevertheless, the scorch method is downright ugly. Surely DOT can come up with a better solution to deal with vegetation encroachement onto rights-of-way on highways.


Steve Robertson is owner and publisher of the Waccamaw Publishers family of community newspapers

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I think spending that much money for a 'tailgating party ' is senseless. That money should go to the employees in benefits and bonuses.

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