Adam Emrick

Conway City Council has tapped its planner Adam Emrick to serve as the city's interim planner, replacing longtime city administrator Bill Graham, who has retired.

Now that the election is over, Conway City Council should turn its attention to selecting a permanent city administrator.

Shane Hubbard joins city council following the election. I think he will make a fine addition to council. Congratulations are also in order to incumbents William Goldfinch and Jean Timbes for being re-elected.

Randle Alford did a good job on council and he will be missed.

After a fruitless search for someone to replace Bill Graham as city administrator, council gave former city planner Adam Emrick the job on an interim basis.

During that time, I had an opportunity to observe Emrick at city council meetings and workshops and I have come to the conclusion that the young man should be given the job on a more permanent basis.

Conway is blessed to be a city on the move. Hundreds of homes have been built over the past few years as newcomers to the area find that prices are lower here and the amenities of living in a small city frequently trump those of busy tourism-based cities like Myrtle Beach.

Few people in Conway have a better understanding of what rapid growth entails for Conway than Emrick. As city planner he had to sign off on many of the construction projects taking place in Conway as well as a flood of new businesses.

Anyone who has tried to open a business in Conway knows about the many hoops that must be jumped through before being issued a business license.

Emrick has helped many navigate the minefield of city laws, regulations and restrictions. On a few occasions, he has encountered fierce oppositition. To his credit, he has shown common sense in helping provide solutions to people running up against the inflexibility of some city ordinances.

I have noticed that Emrick comes to every meeting of city council fully prepared.

He is well-spoken, able to field questions from council members and, when asked, offer advice.

He has been around city government long enough now to know its inner workings. I suspect he knows which closets contain skeletons. He has a good staff that can help him over troublesome areas where he may not yet be experienced.

Emrick became interim administrator five months ago. When he accepted to position he was told it was his chance to prove himself capable of the job.

In my estimation, Emrick has shown that he is ready for the job. With a new council elected, this would be a good time to seal the deal and make him administrator.


Steve Robertson is owner and publisher of the Waccamaw Publishers family of community newspapers

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