Lacy Hardee

The birth of one man, Jesus Christ, brought the greatest gift to all mankind. It was positive, life-affirming change to a world of lost souls such as ours. For 33 years He tasked us as believers in Him to do the same.

Changing lives that change the world sounds like an unbelievable task. It is, if we choose not to believe that God is Who He says He is.

Are we not called to be believers? Not only are we called to believe that God exists, but also to believe in the powers He can and will give us if we seek Him faithfully. It is the call of every church, every believer to do more than just believe. We must do physically what Jesus called us to do through His example.

We often forget the humanity of Jesus, and that He came to into this world just like we do. He was born here, lived here, and died on the cross here to prove to us that, even though stricken with our fragile humanity, we can all be world changers.

We forget that with an unshakeable faith and daily seeking of God’s will, we can receive power to change ourselves and the lives of others.

God’s Word is filled with information about the men and women, just the same as we are today, whose faith and willingness provided for world changes that were all part of God’s design. The history of our country is also filled with those who, through their faith, helped to make positive changes.

Nehemiah is one example of a first-class world changer. A trusted cup-bearer for King Artaxerxes, Nehemiah, at great risk, asked to be allowed to return to the home of his fathers, Jerusalem, to rebuild it from its ruins.

Thanks to the power of God working in and through him, the king granted Nehemiah his request, and made it possible for his safe passage there, awarding him the rights to the king’s forests for timber to rebuild the mighty walls of Jerusalem.

He proceeding in faith and miraculously completed the task in only 52 days, restoring the city to its rightful state.

There are many others, such as Moses, King David, and, of course, the apostles. And they all had several things in common.

Faith in the power of God to accomplish His plan is the first trait. It is with this same faith that we can all become world changers just the same as those throughout history.

World changers must look at the world with a “what if” mentality instead of a “what is” mentality. We must be able to see the need for change and have the willingness to work faithfully to make those changes take place.

To be world changers, we must be filled with the love of God that others can see and feel, so that they too seek to be world changers themselves.

This can only be accomplished by us not only knowing the Word of God, but discovering the will of God in our lives through our daily prayer and study in His Word.

As world changers, we must also be people of action. The world will never be changed without us taking an active part. We cannot sit back and watch as decisions are made that affect our lives and the world around us.

We can, as believers, begin to change lives that change the world, one person at a time.

We can do it with the power available to us through a life focused on our loving God.

Step out. Step up. Step into the lives of others.


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