Lacy Hardee

Volumes upon volumes have been written about the human mind. Millions of pages have been published by thousands of highly-educated people who specialize in the many facets of the brain and the human thought processes.

As for me, the average guy, I can’t seem to grasp all that medical and physiological mumbo jumbo they speak about. All I know is that, despite my strong desire to keep my mind focused on my daily walk with Christ, my thoughts often travel in another direction.

God’s Word is where we find, as always, the answers, the strength, and the comfort we need when we cannot understand what or why we think the way we do. The mental struggles of many of the spiritual leaders, the apostles, and others are scattered throughout the Bible.

There are so many ways that Satan tries to get to us, to confuse us, to destroy our spiritual growth. One of his favorite ways is through our thoughts. He knows he cannot get our souls. The price has already been paid, in full, by the blood of Jesus.

Satan’s only goal, and really, his only chance to stop us from changing another life for Christ, is by slowing our growth in becoming more Christ-like.

The Bible offers several verses, that when we meditate upon them, that will help us with a “mind change” to help strengthen us against the devil’s plans to rob us of our joy and destroy our witness to the world.

Proverbs 23:7 tells us that “as a man thinks in is heart, so is he,” proving to us the importance of focusing our thoughts on the things that honor the Father and help others to find Christ in us.

Ephesians 4:23 reads “Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes,” which tells us we must rely on the Holy Spirit daily to help change our thoughts and attitudes of the daily struggles that come our way.

In Psalm 119:48, we find David’s way of dealing with his daily thoughts, and the way we must meditate on the direction God gives in His word. “My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments, which I have loved; and I will meditate in thy statutes.”

His Word says the more we meditate upon the right things, the more right thoughts that will fill our minds and the more ammunition we will have against Satan trying to control our thoughts.

So this week when that rambling thought enters your mind, turn your thoughts quickly to God, be it through a favorite verse, a quick prayer, or just remembering who you really are…a child of an almighty God, with power, passion, and purpose to defeat any weakness in your life.

God bless.


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