Lacy Hardee

The day set aside for Thanksgiving has passed. The day known in the crazy world of today, Black Friday, is also over. Ahead of us now we feel the mixture of emotions that comes with the desire to please our loved ones with the perfect gift. Let’s see, there is excitement, anxiousness, stress and even depression over the purchase of that one special gift.

We all have a special gift to give to our loved ones and everyone else for that matter, to open and share each and every day. It is a priceless gift. It’s called life. God gave it to us as a free gift. Each day we awake to a new day we receive another gift, free of charge.

The day behind us is but only a memory, a history that no matter how we try, we cannot change. We cannot take back words said in anger. We cannot change a decision we made that caused hurt, physically or emotionally to another human being.

Nehemiah 12 is but one of the Scriptures recalling the times of Israel and how a small number of people can accomplish mighty things with their lives. The same lives you and I were given with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

In the days of Nehemiah, there was only a small percentage of Israel that left Babylon to go back to the land and yet, their love for God and for each other leads to incredible things.

Each person was part of rebuilding the wall, defending against enemies and encouraging one another. Today, the same is true about each of us. When we give our life to God, we can change the world.

Will your life make a difference?

Over and over, we see one life making a difference in the Bible and in real life. Not just the well-known heavy hitters like Moses or Paul, but two men many don't know or could identify.

Ezra and Nehemiah made a huge impact in their community and in the course of their nation. You can impact the course of your family, neighborhood, town, state or even the world. That said, changing the world is too big.

You don't start out by changing the world. You start out by saying 'yes' to God. Then, you begin to change, and then your light begins to influence or change others. This leads to a domino effect of change that leads to communities that are on fire for Jesus Christ.

There is no question - one life can make a difference. The only question is…will it change yours? You decide.

Do you know that God has blessed your life with special gifts and a special purpose just for you to use for His glory, which will lead someone you know to a life in Jesus Christ?

What a gift to be able to give someone you love or even more importantly, someone you don’t even know.

There is no better gift than eternal life, and as believers we have that gift in us to share with those who do not know of it.

Does that not get you more excited than the possibility of seeing Santa coming down the chimney? What if the gift of life was assured to all your children and family members and you could sit back on Christmas Day, on the day of the Savior’s birth, and say that all your family and friends know Jesus personally? Wow! Wouldn’t that be a real Merry Christmas?

Pray for all believers today and for us to be the world changers God has challenged us to be, one person at a time, one community at a time and in our city, county, state and the world.

It is possible, for God said it is so. Make your life change another life this Christmas. There is no better gift.


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